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  1. Does anyone know the bolt pattern for a International C-169 engine. We got a 63' International 2504 with a C-153 that spun a bearing and through a connecting rod. I've seen posts where people have mentioned the back of the block is the same between a C-153 and a C-169. Essentially trying to swap in a C-169 in place of a C-153 can it be done?We have the C-153 that has the angular style with the starter assembly located within the main body of the tractor when you split it. See pictureIf anyone has a picture the back of a C-169 that would be awesome or has heard of people swapping a C-153 for a c-169.
  2. When buying the internationals I usually looks at past sells on https://www.purplewave.com/ I would say that he asking too much money for it. We recently bought a single axle 1754 dump truck with the dt466 with decent tires for 3k and everything on it worked.
  3. Bullet


    international manual CTS-4260 will contain information on DT466 and DT466A engines. International Manual CGES-185-1 will have information of the DT466B and DT466C engines. When I was first looking around for information I went to a couple of local heavy equipment repair places and asked if they had any books that I could look at and most of the people were more than willing me let me look their they shop manual libraries. You can also call the international dealership and they guys are usually willing to help you out
  4. I'm South Carolina. Here is our fee schedule per year that you have to pay when getting the truck registered http://www.scdmvonline.com/-/media/Files/Schedule-of-License-Fees.ashx?la=en&hash=2780D4F350C015DBE485E570D3A53CED577FA6DE so depending on how much you legally register the vehicle at you pay x amount per year as part of registration costs and renewal.
  5. On a 1977 loadstar 1754 with the dt466 with hydraulic brakes how do you adjust the star adjusters on the read brakes. Do I adjust them the same way I would adjust old car brakes with a flat head screw driver and move the handle down to tighten them. I was curious because with the two wheel cylinders I wasn't sure if you adjust one set the typical drum brake way and one opposite. Im currently not having any problems with my brakes but was just trying to get confirmation. Does anyone have a scan out of the Internation CTS-2300 book that shows the rear brake assembly.
  6. Dale You guys got any places that sell use 11R22.5 tires? There are some places down in SC that have some pretty nice used tires for 75 bucks each usually about 70 tread life but there is a guy we buy used ones off of that pressure tests them and stores in a old warehouse so the sun doesn't get to them. Usually can get some that were manufactured about 3 to 4 years ago. Not sure if yall got something like that, just to help you get by
  7. Looks like a pretty similar setup to my 77 Loadstar 1754 with the dt466. I weigh about 12, 400 with a full tank of diesel and usually run 8 tons of gravel
  8. I got a 1977 loadstar 1754 Dump Truck with the DT466 I have it registered with Property Carrying Plates in South Carolina with a GVW of 25,999. I'm not for hire and its just for my personal use. I have a commercial insurance policy with progressive and it's costing me about $350 a year for a personal commercial policy (no business required) with the state minimum liability requirements. Pretty simple to setup.
  9. Thanks! Yeah we got it figured out it ended up being the turn signal switch, cleaned the contacts and its working perfect now
  10. Hi guys I got a 1977 International Loadstar 1754 with the DT466 and Im looking for a schematic of the electric system for this truck. Trying to hunt down why the brake lights no longer work and it constantly blows the turn signal fuse. I attached a picture of the truck. I just changed the carrier bearing when I took the picture thats why the driveshaft is hanging down on a jackstand by the way.
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