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  1. Okay, so I connected a test gauge with roughly an 8 foot hose to the oil port and it took about 13 seconds to start registering any pressure. Once it did it quickly went up to 48 at idle. Once the tractor was fully warmed up the tractor does 35-36 at hot idle and 45-46 when you run the rpm up. When I shut the tractor off it drops to 10lbs within a few seconds and then takes longer to fully drain as the pressure drops reading completely zero in about 10-12 seconds. Rusty factory gauge shows the same thing. If you restart it within a couple minutes of shutting it off, it will immediately register pressure as soon as it starts. Does this sound normal to you guys?
  2. No I didn't, the bolts felt tight and I didn't think about the gasket.
  3. Hi, I recently picked up another issue with the old girl. When you first start the tractor it runs a good 10 seconds or so showing no oil pressure, seems strange because it never used to do that. At first I thought the old gauge might be sticky but I'm pretty sure that's not the problem. When the tractor is warmed up and working the gauge registers oil pressure changes quickly when you change the rpm. Also, when you shut the tractor off it smoothly drops to zero without sticking. I pulled the oil pan off and it was kinda sludgey in the bottom but the pickup screen was clean and from what I could see the oil passages looked clean. I cleaned everything out, replaced the oil and filter. I figured I'd see what replacing a few quarts with Marvel did so I ran it for a bit like that then flushed it and replaced the oil and filter. No change at all. If you loosen the fittings on the oil line running to the gauge while it's running oil is pumps out and the gauge immediately registers the change so I'm pretty darn sure it's not the culprit. If you guys have any ideas please let me hear em'. The engine sounds great while running and I have too much to do with the tractor to tear it apart right now. Not to mention I have no money either since it is all going into the new shop currently being put up.
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