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  1. Just a quick update, I got the line setting ticket and wouldn’t you know it, it doesn’t have the year! But after some research and talking I’m pretty sure it’s a 1963. Anyways I’ve got the cab and front clip now resting on the 07 F550 frame after I shortened it 32”. I have also mocked up the motor with radiator and intercooler. Now for all the little things to be mocked up before I blow it apart and paint it all. Still thinking of leaving the patina look. Also I have replaced all the rusted out metal other than above the back window(that’s the next step). I also shortened the steps to fit on
  2. I have t made much progress due to now I have a 3 month old boy who I’m excited to watch grow up and enjoy the love of these old machines. So far I have stripped the frame down to nothing. I have 90% of he rusted out metal replaced (floor, firewall, back of the cab, and spots on the fenders) I will keep y’all up dated as I go!! Thanks Mountain Heritage for asking about the ol girl! I named her Elsie from the Borden’s cow since this use to be a dairy truck! I still have to idea what year this thing is though. I sending my info up to Wisconsin Historical Society!!
  3. Thanks for the replies. The truck has the push button door handles. As for the floor in the truck it’s in pretty good shape other than where they bolt the floor to the back panel together. It is completely rusted out. Here are a few pictures of my slow process of the build. I plan on wet sanding the truck down to expose the original paint, and treat the rust with CLR, after replacing the rotted out metal with new. Also here is a picture of the motor I pulled out of a wrecked truck and rebuilt.
  4. Thanks guys for the replies. I will definetly keep y’all updated as the build process goes on. I plan on trying to sell the running gear (motor, trans, rearend) if there is any interest in this items. I guess the best place to put this will be on the parts forum? Thanks
  5. Hey guys, I recently purchased this R190 series truck from a junk yard. The truck use to be used as a dairy truck in Athens Louisiana. I am trying to figure out what year model the truck it and I have looked at the Wisconsin’s serial number list but with no luck. I am thinking the FD in the serial number is meaning it was made in the Fort Wayne plant. The truck is set up with a 406 to run off propane. Is this a factory option? I have read where I think they are offered from the factory to run of of LP. Model R 195 A serial # FD 34339 F W.B. 142 Any info would be greatl
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