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  1. It is running real well. Still on the to do list is sheet metal, fenders, water muffler, air compressor and air lines for air brakes, winch and whatever else. Probably another couple months work at the pace I move.
  2. I started the I-9 yesterday for the first time in 40 +/- yrs. Except for small oil leak at filter and pressure gauge it tuned up just fine. She is a gas hog that is why the 36 gal tank. Doc over and out!
  3. I think my lever is factory because it has a return spring under the operator's button and the manual shows it. Quoting the manual's starting procedure "Located in the left lower corner of the bracket mounted on the steering gear housing' Press in to engage the starting motor."
  4. oops!!! My image needs to be rotated. Sorry
  5. Yes I considered rotating the starter barrel one bolt hole but it wouldn't look right and might offend the correct police. Also the starter rod would have to be bent. RUSTRED I noticed on your starter that the starter rod is pulled toward the operator to engage whereas on mine the rod is pushed in. Different linkage arm but it doesn't affect the switch position.
  6. Thanks RUSTRED. That image is a big help. Now I see that the pipe isn't bent at quite a 90 degree angle . I will try to modify mine. I think the IH engineers made a serious boo boo so close to the starter terminal even though the pipe is insulated by the rubber hoses.
  7. Sorry I don't have an image available at this time. I probably need to check if W-9 and I-9 use the same part.
  8. I needed a new air cleaner to carb pipe and bought a reproduction for a W-9 which I believe is the same part. The new pipe has the correct diam. and shape but I can't mount it because of interference with the saddle mount starter button. If I shorten the vertical part it would misalign to the carb. Any suggestions or images? Doc
  9. I will send photos in a day or so. Engine rebuild is finished and now working on sheet metal. It is painted Air Force blue. It came from McGuire AFB in New Jersey. I bought it 30 yrs ago. Under the old military blue it was safety yellow and under that it was red.. Also has original dual rear diamond tread tires, air compressor for air brakes on towed vehicles . a water muffler as a spark arrester. Doc
  10. I am restoring a 1943 International I-9 used by the military. Finding parts for I-9 and W-9 tractors is harder than I expected. The usual catalogue sources don't have much. I need the INTERNATIONAL badge that goes at the top of the grill and measures 12 inches tip to tip. Also need Gar Wood winch that is driven by the front of the crankshaft. That may be a chore finding one but I'll keep looking. Photo sent (if I can)
  11. Yes it appears to be a vacuum controlled governor with an adjusting knob to change the governed speed. I wonder if was on other models besides the industrials. My tractor is an INTERNATIONAL I 12 as opposed to the earlier McCormick Deering I 12. What really surprises me is that in over 35 yrs of collecting and tractor shows I havn't seen one or read an article about them in the collector magazines. And I never noticed this item on my tractor...mainly because it has been buried in the shed for decades. Now I am interested to do some work on it this spring. Live and learn. That is what makes this hobby interesting and keeps me active
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