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  1. Thanks for your input. I think my next move is to violate the specs and set the float level lower than recommended. I forgot to mention that I checked the float for leaks and it was ok. I will also check float alignment to see if rubs on the bowl but I doubt it because the float valve shuts off as it should when the tractor sits when off. Doc
  2. looking for a solution. My carb is a D10 which gushes gas from air intake when it is cranked especially if it is choked. I don't think it is a float valve problem because it doesn't leak gas when at rest even for long periods. I thought it might be a float level problem set too high and overfilling the bowl so I set float at 1 53/64 as per specs and the problem still exists. Any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance Doc
  3. I am restoring a 1933 F 12 and would like to make the optional air intake tube (28652 DY) . Does anyone know the length of this part? I see that most posts relate to newer styled models but thought I would give a try. [
  4. Very interesting forensics. So if the finished bolt were parted on the lathe forming the dot wouldn't the bottom of the stem of the next bolt to be made also show a similar parting nub? Maybe there is more evidence to be obtained from the stem bottom. I haven't looked...Doc
  5. Be sure the radiator shutter works as it should and even then you may see spark plug fouling.
  6. Can anyone tell me the valve clearance for my FL Waukasha . Would it be 0.013 like the IHC engine? Also is there a registry list for known Waukasha F 12 tractors?
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