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  1. At this point I'd look at anything that could haul a water tank safely.
  2. I just attended a truck show today and saw one of these 1850B's with power steering- wish I took a pic for you. I have been looking for a Cargostar with air, manual and diesel for a long time now. You are indeed a lucky chap! Greg
  3. My search for a water/dump truck continues...we are literally running out of water as our well has failed and the water man is getting all of my money. Its very frustrating knowing I can drive a "big truck" CDL and can buy water for 3 bucks a thousand gallons in town but cannot afford a late model or find a decent older truck to buy or trade for. I have narrowed my search down to a Cargostar 1850B. Reason being, they seem like the most versatile trucks. Originally I was a loadstar fan but have moved to the Cargostar series. I like the idea of a Perkins or IH DT series diesel paired with airbrakes and either an Allison auto or standard tranny. I think the best configuration for me now would be a dump body as I will use it for both a slide in poly water tank AND hauling dirt. I have been trawling facebook marketplace, craigslist, and auction sites. I find pictures of trucks that have sold in 2012! This is not helpful. Not much out there...am I missing something? Id prefer a private sale and will travel to pickup. Any suggestions would be helpful. Greg
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