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  1. loadstar160000

    carb issue

    clean it up still no fuel not sure wgats goi on now
  2. loadstar160000

    carb issue

    i only have fuel coming of 1 intake on my carb wondering if there may be a blockage. no fuel in the one im pointing to.
  3. the line is attached to the intake manifold
  4. ok i plugges the line checked for leak all is good bit she will not idle with that line blocked got to keep pumping
  5. so i guess the stalling is because of that hose i hace no idea where to put it brcause the standard tran has no place for a vacuum line
  6. it the 2 screw in the very back of the carb for ilde mixture
  7. yes it will idle with the filter on it is a old oil bath filter. but as soon as you start to drive it it drop idle and i have to keep iy at full choke to keep it running
  8. and if i block it off it stalls the engine
  9. hi im trying to firgure out why i can keep my bus at idle but once i start driving it continue to stall out when slowing down or shifting gears. also i swap auoy tran for a manual and now i have a vacuum line that when to the old auto yran now it i jusy have it tie up not sure if there a proper place for it
  10. loadstar160000

    what type engine is this

  11. loadstar160000

    what type engine is this

    v8 yes
  12. loadstar160000

    what type engine is this

    hi im trying to find out what type engine is in my 72 loadstar 1600
  13. loadstar160000

    oil bath filter

    hi i was wondering if i cannot find the proper oil for a oil bath filter. is there a type of oil o can use. i was told 15w40 might be a alternative. ??
  14. the one thing i have going is that it only has 70k on it where it was a old canadain air force bus.
  15. thanks ill gove it a try. im start the work sat ill let you know how it goes.