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  1. Can you tell me what size battery is needed for my 354 gas tractor?  I have looked and looked through my book and can not seem to find where it says a size.

    1. Power of Red

      Power of Red


      space is not an issue on the B414,, not sure how big your battery tray is on the 354, you might want to measure before ordering a bettery.


      I used a group 31  size, its more than enough for my diesel with glow plugs.  Might be overkill for a gas engine tractor.


      take care, Al


    2. Power of Red

      Power of Red

      note , i also made my own battery cables using #2 awg wire. #4 could not handle the glow plugs well.

  2. Replace it with a race and bearing at both ends. The steering will be much easier.
  3. Got things back together finally. Now if I could just get spark. Any ideas. I have a new coil, distributor points, and starter solenoid.
  4. Thanks. I need to get an owners manual. Any ideas on flushing the hydraulic system without taking it off the rear end. I have an inch or more of sludge in the bottom. Don’t want that in the refurbished hydraulic pump.
  5. Mikeih354, What battery size do you have on your tractor? What’s the CA and CCA?
  6. Finally finished the steering gear box. Up next fuel and distributor.
  7. Thanks Al. Just a little update on my steering issue. Pulled the cover off the side of the steering box and got a hand full of heavy grease and bearings. After cleaning it up looks like I’ll be redoing the bearings.
  8. Just a little update on my steering issue. Pulled the cover off the side of the steering box and got a hand full of heavy grease and bearings. After cleaning it up looks like I be redoing the bearings.
  9. Thanks for the advise. I don’t have the owners manual to reference.
  10. First off let me just say that I am new to tractors and new to restoration work. I own a 354. The restoration has been like many others here, a year in the making. I have made it from the front of the tractor to the steering column with very few issues. My question is what type of oil do I use in the steering box. Every where I have read mentions the oil fill plug and oil seals but not what type of oil. Any suggestions? The steering column and box was dirty, but it does not appear to have any leaks. Currently I can not hear feel or see any issues with the steering. I know that at one point this tractor was under water. I just don’t know how much of it. Replacing all fluids as a safe guard.
  11. George2, I purchased after market parts. My CIH place was going to order after market. I found them considerably cheaper finding them myself. I ordered all my parts through All State Ag Parts(https://www.tractorpartsasap.com/). There customer service is great. Delivery was quick 2-5 days. The pistons and rings were from Reliance Powers parts. As far as the piston size they were 3 3/8. I stuck the new ones on top of the old ones and they were an exact matchup.
  12. Thanks for the information GT&T. The pictures show my son. He has already claimed the tractor as his.
  13. I am new at the whole tractor restoration business. I chose a International tractor because of their reputation and I have always had a liking towards them. Right now I am working to revive the the engine. Can anyone tell me if I can reuse the cylinder head head bolts? I can not seam to find and answer in any research I have done. My local CaseIH dealer just wants to sell me new parts.
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