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  1. Making hay in the Netherlands. Windrow the sides of land for getting the green pieces grass out of the corners.
  2. Ok. Here in de farmstock class they have an power limit, but its not tested. In the sports class they have the ability you said and maybe even more. So that's crazy by those high power tractors. So that is really weird. What has an hot engine to do with safety equipment, notting i think. Here is an video of the tractorpulling where i've bin. On 2:08 you will see me.
  3. This was my first time with this tractor. I was driving in the 5500kg with the standard tractors. I think you call that the workstock class. I know only quick attach wheelie bars, almost everybody used them. When you pull the front from the tractor, then must hold the wheelie bar the weight of the tractor. I did not proved it, but when they see it is strong enough to drive, they let you trough.
  4. Yeah you're right. The ROPS needed a color but i had no time for it. I hope i get time for it this month. That are European tractors. Left an 824 and on the right an 1046.
  5. Thanks. That is an wheelie bar, it is mandatory to take part in an tractorpulling game.
  6. You're right about the bolts, they are metric this is much cheaper in the Netherlands. The locations should be the same.
  7. Why is it nog an original ROPS? The man who has made it, said it was an exactly copy of an original ROPS.
  8. Yeah i've seen the company on the internet. But shipping is to expensive for a ROPS. A man here makes also replicas of ROPS and it cost 700 euro (about 830 USD). Maybe the best option i think.
  9. Oke. No it has an minimum of thickness from the metal, but that is not a problem. How do i get notifications from this topic?
  10. Hi Guys, I'm new here on this forum, excuse me for my bad english, i hope to learn a lot over here. I live in The Netherlands and i've bought an 1456 this winter. I'm gonna use him for making hay and other stuff. 22 July is an tractorpulling game near my village. But i needed a ROPS on my tractor. I can buy a counterfeiting of the original but it is a little bit expensive, so i want to build it by myself. To build it, i needed the exactly measurements of the original ROPS. Can someone help me to get this measurements? Or do you have an technical drawning from the ROPS? I hope you guys can help me out to make this ROPS. Greetings, Luc
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