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  1. Sounds like you have a 3 section valve stack you should have 2 shuttle plates some were missing them is this a self leveling loader ? The signal relief valve had two versions the early ones had a o ring that would blow later version no Oring and can update to it is the signal line going to the loader valve stack ?
  2. pull pipe out find a socket that you can gently hammer into the pipe beat the socket back out with a long punch or extension this should expand it enough for a press fit back in the block brake clean surfaces and loctite drive pipe in block with hammer
  3. Red doc

    8465a baler

    When the clutch slips stop and look at the bottom rubber drive roller at front of baler. It should be fairly clean if you r baling in low humidity super dry hay with too much chamber pressure you may be creating to much powder dust and there will be a pile off it wedging the belts at the drive roller I only seen it twice in thousands of bales back pressure down to 1500 should stop it bale forming pressure depends on what moisture and type of crop you r baling I like dense heavy bales run around 1800 psi running 2000 seems to shorten splice life on belts cornstalk bales 1500 and lower fight spearing if made any tighter Like mule says you probably got a bearing going or springs to loose u can make a 100 horse tractor pull down before clutch slips i got my clutch tight belts howl and and sqeul about the time the clutch slips
  4. Red doc

    Maxxum pto

    I would be checking regulated pressure before going thru the work of removing it you could put a gauge in the shuttle valve test port and place lever in forward leave range in neutral should be 260 to 310 psi turn pto on see if it's any different Never had a pto clutch pack failure usually issue is shift collar pins walk out there is a update kit for the stub shaft and inner spline tube I usually put that in the last few years you got a days work doing it
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