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  1. Thanks Hardtail, That helps me a lot.
  2. Hardtail, Any chance you could look up the part number for the seal I need? It would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Yea, a couple years ago I purchased a repair manual for this machine but couldn't find a parts manual at the time. I will start the search again. Thanks anyway. Al
  4. Thanks Dennis, Do you have a manual for this machine to get a part number? I would rather have a seal in hand before I start replacing. Thanks, Al
  5. I would really hate to do that in case I can't match it up. I had that happen before which caused me 4 months downtime. I have been adding 1 liter every 2 days to stay running.
  6. Hey everyone. Wondering if anyone out there knows where I can buy a transmission output shaft seal for a 196? Hough 30B loader. It has the gas 6 cylinder iH engine.
  7. I would appreciate that very much RuffConstructionParts. It is equally as hard to see anything on the machine. I am going to need to set up some mirrors and lights to see. Other than cutting an access hole in the bell housing, I don't know what to do. No chance my new pump is going in until I get the female out.
  8. I am referring to the main Cessna Hydraulic pump. They are driven off the rear end of the crankshaft somehow. They are a counterclockwise rotation pump.
  9. Hello everyone, I am looking for some help with my Hough 30B loader. I am in the process of changing the hydraulic pump out due to the splines stripping. My question is : Does anyone know how the female hydraulic drive shaft coupler that the pump goes into, is attached to the crankshaft? The female splines are stripped as well as the pump shaft. I cannot see how the female is connected, splines and pin, bolted on, threaded, etc. It has a gas 6 cylinder ih engine. A part number would also be useful. Thanks
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