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  1. JoeB

    S1800 Wheel Question

    Rear hubs are 10-lug, same as front. The more I think about this the more I'm thinking just going with a full set of 1100Rx20 Michelin XL's.
  2. Hello all, new to the forum and recently picked up an '87 S1800 4X4 which I'm looking for some wheel guidance on. The truck itself has the DT466 with 5MT and my plan is to fab a flatbed dump to use as our "do all" truck. Currently it has 11R22.5's on the steers and 10-20 military NDT's on the back, all 10-lug. I would like to go to singles all round using XL military tires or similar as it will be off road quite a bit on our ag property. I'm curious if there's a fairly common wheel type that will allow this, something with an offset that when flipped on the rear axle will track inline or close with the front. Otherwise, if this isn't an option, are there recommendations for a cost effective all-position A/T tire? Thanks! Joe
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