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  1. Thanks for responding Gearclash snd Yes im finding out today that even with pressures of 40 to 60 lbs the cylinder will not retract unless i either idle right down to get 30 lbs of less or as I have been doing in the past , shutting the tractor down to allow the flow back into the system im also finding something strange happening with my transmission oil level should i be checking it with the tractor shutdown or operating seems like oil is moving around internally and reducing oil available for the charge pump in the transmission is this possible we once had a
  2. Ok fellas here is my update i installed a low pressure connection on my 5130 hydraulic system the new connection is on a low pressure line (1 inch diameter) running from the control valve assembly (at rear of tractor) to the hydraulic filter body ( on right side of transmission about a foot ahead of the hydraulic pump) i also installed a pressure guage off a port on the top side of the hydraulic filter manifold before starting the tractor I checked my oil level in the transmission and it was registering full i started the 5130 and within a few seconds the pressure guag
  3. Sent direct messages out to Glen and Matt today at 9:30 est
  4. Thanks for the timely replies to my query fellas just to clarify CIHTECH are you suggesting I need to use a two way cylinder on the cart when you say “ mount a cylinder on the cart that returns fluid to the tractor as I raise the bed”? my plan was to try and utilize the existing one way cylinder which I currently have in my possession to create the dump box project (cost driven) unless the additional components required make this game plan more excessive in costs versus acquiring another cylinder suitable for the cart/dump box build is it possible to make direct contact with yo
  5. I am in the process of building a dumpbox to operate with the 5130 the plan is to utilize a dump truck cylinder it is a single action with fluid capacity of 40 litres i am seeking advice regarding capacity of the 5130. So far all I know is that it contains 76 litres of hyd tran fluid Can anyone tell me how much of the fluid capacity is required to safely operate the transmission can anyone advise is this tractor can handle additional oil in the hyd tran reservoir , and how much if any , and potential damage if the housing is overfilled? final question wonde
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