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  1. Thanks for responding Gearclash snd Yes im finding out today that even with pressures of 40 to 60 lbs the cylinder will not retract unless i either idle right down to get 30 lbs of less or as I have been doing in the past , shutting the tractor down to allow the flow back into the system im also finding something strange happening with my transmission oil level should i be checking it with the tractor shutdown or operating seems like oil is moving around internally and reducing oil available for the charge pump in the transmission is this possible we once had an old international 736 that acted up like that?
  2. Ok fellas here is my update i installed a low pressure connection on my 5130 hydraulic system the new connection is on a low pressure line (1 inch diameter) running from the control valve assembly (at rear of tractor) to the hydraulic filter body ( on right side of transmission about a foot ahead of the hydraulic pump) i also installed a pressure guage off a port on the top side of the hydraulic filter manifold before starting the tractor I checked my oil level in the transmission and it was registering full i started the 5130 and within a few seconds the pressure guage began to register 35 to 40 psi at idle and after warm up it was 45-50 psi at 2100 rpm i then connected a single line to my dump cart cylinder to begin pressurizing it i connected the line from the cart cylinder to the lower left coupling on the tractor to utilize #1 control valve lever in the cab due to air in my cart cylinder (i suspect) the process did not go smoothly but eventually the cart cylinder did extend out to about 8 ft of its 10 ft limit i had to add a 20 litre pail of fresh oil to the tractor during this excersise During this test i disconnected my cart line from # 1 control valve and reconnected to my new low pressure coupling . Upon doing this it appeared that oil continued to enter the cart cylinder as well (possibly because there was no resistance on the cart cylinder side as I do not yet have the cart cylinder connected to the cart my level in the transmission is currently low but showing on the bottom of the dipstick and the new pressure guage continues to read the same results as earlier described I plan to open the bleed on my cart cylinder next to release any trapped air i also plan to drain the cart cylinder oil into a pail to monitor how much oil is getting into the cart cylinder i hope to determine from this excersise whether or not my tractor hydraulic capcity is suitable to operate this cart cylinder preliminary estimates where that the cart cylinder could require 40 litres of oil to fully extend it the cart cylinder has been stored outside in the upright position for about 4-5 yrs Once it began to extend i noticed dirt and rust on the first 15-20 inches of each stage of the cylinder this should appear like bright shiny stainless metal under normal circumstances what is the optimum means of cleaning up the cylinder to prevent potential seal damages? can you offer any suggestions or advice as I pursue testing the initial operation of this new system Thz and regards dave 5193317044 ps pictures to follow
  3. Sent direct messages out to Glen and Matt today at 9:30 est
  4. Thanks for the timely replies to my query fellas just to clarify CIHTECH are you suggesting I need to use a two way cylinder on the cart when you say “ mount a cylinder on the cart that returns fluid to the tractor as I raise the bed”? my plan was to try and utilize the existing one way cylinder which I currently have in my possession to create the dump box project (cost driven) unless the additional components required make this game plan more excessive in costs versus acquiring another cylinder suitable for the cart/dump box build is it possible to make direct contact with you on a phone my number is (519) 331-7044 should you prefer not to post yours sir thankyou and regards David
  5. I am in the process of building a dumpbox to operate with the 5130 the plan is to utilize a dump truck cylinder it is a single action with fluid capacity of 40 litres i am seeking advice regarding capacity of the 5130. So far all I know is that it contains 76 litres of hyd tran fluid Can anyone tell me how much of the fluid capacity is required to safely operate the transmission can anyone advise is this tractor can handle additional oil in the hyd tran reservoir , and how much if any , and potential damage if the housing is overfilled? final question wondering if i add a seperate reservoir for the dump box can i still utililize the tractor hydraulic system to operate the ram on the dump box? Are there any other concerns i should be thinking about with this concept? thankyou in advance for any assistane advice you all can provide
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