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  1. Ok, Pulled pan and plumbed a weed sprayer full of oil into the oil pressure sending port. Pumped it up and oil pours out around the back cam bearing? Is this the normal place for excess oil to dump? It pours out before building any pressure.
  2. Sorry, didn't mention that the cam bearings were replaced. This was done at a machine shop because he cooked the block out. Prior to overhaul the pressure was not great because the oil light would flicker on a low idle. (Didn't know what the pressure was because only installed mechanical gauge after overhaul) . Engine was very tired, thus the reason for overhaul. Double checked the oil filter mounting gasket and sure that is correct. The seat on the oil pressure regulating poppet (steel poppet removed and replaced with new) has a nick on the inside 1/2 that does not extend to the outside so don't feel that is problem. Can't believe I am loosing 35 to 40 lbs of pressure thru that. I can remove again and post picture is someone thinks that is a possibility. Thanks to all who replied.
  3. I will try to be brief but have a lot to cover. Just overhauled 656G. Polished crank, new main and rod bearings. New piston and sleeves. Oil lite blinking at low idle. Put gauge on it and found to be around 6 pounds. Order and installed new oil regulating poppet and spring. Still low. Ordered and installed new oil pump. At 1600 rpm pressure is 20 lbs and drops as it gets warmed up. Using IH SAE 30 oil. I am stumped. Took pan back off and plastic gauged one rod and one main. Both checked out good. Runs about 6 lbs at idle. Ran with valve cover off and drip seems normal. HELP
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