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    IH Trucks, tractors, and equipment. Driving horses/donkeys. And all sorts of old farm and construction equipment. 1966 IH Loadstar 1600 4x4, 1947 Farmall M, 1942 Farmall H, 1969 Wain-Roy 450, 1942 Ford 9n, 198? Gravely 8163B, 1986 Ford F-250

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  1. What state are you in? Ive never heard of those plates, that sounds like the ideal situation.
  2. I hope I can find some lockout hubs that would be a major upgrade
  3. Did you find out what axle it has in front?
  4. Can you get a line setting ticket at any Navistar dealer?
  5. I would have to imagine that it is the same front axle and it would interchange. The real question is where to find a set of lockout hubs, I would love to get a pair for my truck. I also want to get a two speed rear end if I can find one where low is the same ratio as the front end, that way in 2wd I could use high and get a little more speed out of it.
  6. That helps a ton, thank you very much for that information. Hopefully I can get my truck on the road soon and maybe I will see you at some truck shows!
  7. Just out of curiosity, what is your trucks GVW registered at? Also can you still used it to haul personal stuff around not for hire? Thank you
  8. I havent driven mine on the road yet but the previous owner said top speed was around 50-55 and I think around 6-8 MPG. I hope with the 7.3 I could get around 10-12 empty but not sure.
  9. What transmission does yours have? Mine has a 5spd with a granny low, as far as I know they were all the same bell housings and the 392 is the same block as the 304 so it would fit in there no problems.
  10. I believe that that was a custom job by the fire department that owned it or the dealer that they bought it from, the body that was on it was also built of diamond plate. Even the running boards were replaced with diamond plate.
  11. Thats a nice looking truck you got there, what does yours have under the hood? Mine has a V304 with 11000 miles on it. I am thinking about repowering mine with a 7.3 IDI with a banks turbo. Funny you should say about the F-250 I have a picture of my Loadstar sitting next to my 1986 F-250(That I cant get registered either) and the F-250 has a 7" lift
  12. That is a good idea I will have to give that a try. Thanks!
  13. Hello all, I purchased a 1966 Loadstar 4x4 last summer with the intention of using it to haul my tractors around and go get hay with it. My problem is that from all I have found I have to register it as commercial, this would mean that I would need a business to register it to. I also cant get farm plates because I dont have a farm tax ID number. I saw a Ford F-800 4x4 with classic plates on it, does anyone have an idea of how I could get classic plates on my truck? I am in Connecticut and the trucks GVW is 19000lbs. This is my first post on this forums, thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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