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  1. Ten four thanks fellas just looking something different and a filter that the name will not come off filter
  2. Will any of Catipillars filters cross and work on International 1586. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  3. I am looking for the inner axle bearing and am having no luck finding any. The part# is ST3009 or L265D. Thanks for your help trying to get this 1586 back together
  4. I am looking for any recommendations on the best way to silence the cab on a 1586. I am in progress of taking the cab off and want to put it back together and it be as quiet as possible. Thanks for all responses
  5. Does anyone know where I can get part numbers for all bearings in the rear end ?
  6. Is it possible for there to be trash inside the axles where the brake rotors are and it keeps puttin trash in entire hydraulic system.
  7. I have pioneer style couplers. And 3pt hitch is stuck in the up position.
  8. Bought this tractor months ago went thru hydraulics including Mcv pump, Mcv spring kit, main hitch pump(teflon oring), 2500psi pressure regulator, Hydraulic oil and Filter. Worked well cutting hay and baling all summer, while baling today lost Hydraulic pressure at remotes. Tractor wouldn't lift Baler tailgate at all. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Still have hay on the ground to get up!! Thanks again
  9. I took apart relief valve didn't see anything wrong with it but had no way to check pressure. Probably gonna start there and replace that now!
  10. I have replaced Main hitch pump with a new 17gpm also went thru Mcv, hydraulic valve and piece under fuel tank and it still lifts tailgate on baler slow. Not sure what else I need to try. Thanks for all your help.
  11. i can't find where I can get a filter extension. Allied isn't making them any more
  12. Yes sir I am aware that mcv pump is for the steering as well as the brakes I am asking should I upgrade the mcv along with the main hitch pump upgrade.
  13. In recently found a 1586 that had been sitting for 10 years. All the hydraulic oil was out of it. I have done many repairs and put in new Hytran and filter. When I hooked up the Rb455 Baler it was really slow picking up tailgate. I proceeded to drain fluid and find that main hitch pump was bad, Mcv seems to be fine. I am wanting to go to a 17gpm pump possibly with piggyback pump if you have any recommendations. I want tractor to steer and have good brake pressure at all times. Also want to know what else I need to do and where I should get parts from? Thanks ahead for the responses
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