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  1. I have a chance to buy a T340 with the Drott 4 in 1. $1500 might take it home. Won’t steer, but I’ve researched that pretty heavily and am hoping an adjustment will make it usable. I do have some questions. Several hydraulic leaks, but hey, it’s an old machine. Hydraulics seem strong. Engine runs decent for it’s age, I believe. How would you rate this undercarriage? One of the idlers has some damage, but might be usable. I have attached some pictures. It looks like the oil pan was damaged and has been brazed, but it’s dripping oil, which was clear (probably drains out over time and w
  2. All, I have come across an opportunity on a 1985 1440 with the Case International paint scheme. Comes with a 15' 820, and can be had for $3500, which seems like a steal. The bad: Some sort of hydraulic leak coming from the big hydraulic pump. Guy who has it says that it was leaking very noticeably and nearly ran out the reservoir. He stated that the header lift wouldn't work and the steering was not working properly until he filled it up. When I went to look at it, I could see a trace of the oil, but moved it around and couldn't reproduce the leak. I did notice that the header l
  3. Hey all, Went out the other day to start up the triple 6. Pulled the dipstick and saw the gray oil/water trace on the stick. Came back with fresh oil, pulled the plug, and a ton of coolant ran out before the oil. Evidently the antifreeze froze and cracked the block. The gasser is done for. That being said, I guess it's time to repower; by time i get a block and all the other parts for the gasser I should replace in the process, I could probably find a running D312 diesel ($2000 from Albilene Machine from a 686). I'd thought of doing it anyway but didn't want to change around g
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