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  1. The IH 485XL models were very rare, the Case IH 485XL even more so. The 495 was never offered with the XL cab. It's a fantastic operator environment for such a small tractor of that era, but what you gain in comfort you are losing in power/weight. For this reason I always figured that the 484/485/495 models with ROPS had a much better power to weight ratio. Speaking of the 485 with XL cab, Ford offered the bubble cab on their 2600 and 2610 models in Europe. Now that was a very small tractor for such a large cab!
  2. I thought I'd provide an update on how the International 485 is doing since the engine rebuild with oversize pistons. It's done a variety of tasks in the past few months and the engine is a revelation. We've had the tractor since 1998, and even though it's always been a pleasure to operate, it just never felt like it had the right amount of power for it's size and weight. The tractor has the larger the XL cab which adds probably 100KG over the more popular L cab, and larger than standard 16.9R28 radials. These make the tractor look bigger than it is. It's also got the higher gear ratio th
  3. I want to provide an update. I said in my past post that we had done some troubleshooting to check what was causing the high pitched whine when the tractor was running. We had removed the gear that drives the two pumps and there was no sound. From this we deduced that it was definitely a hydraulic issue. Well we've been right through the whole hydraulic system on the tractor from top to toe. We had the MVC out, all the valves checked...we didn't spot any issues with anything. I was speaking to a mechanic a few days ago who told me that our test with the gear removed did not necessari
  4. I have another thread on this forum about my IH 485 tractor where we had the engine rebuilt with bigger pistons. Well the engine rebuild went well, but there is an annoying whining noise that we have been unable to fix as yet. I mentioned the noise in the other thread, but I thought I should create a new thread about this noise as the other one was about the engine, and that part of it went went well. The pto input shaft had to be replaced as we noticed during the engine rebuild that it was extremely worn. We were pretty sure that the noise was a bad bearing on the pto input. We figured
  5. Well the noise issue in the tractor still hasn't been fixed, but after ruling out all other possibilities we're pretty sure we know what's causing it. The bad news is that it will involve another split. The suspect part is the bearing for the pto input shaft - part number ST342. It's likely the bearing got damaged when swapping over from the old shaft to the new shaft. Anyway I thought I'd provide an update to anyone wondering how the engine rebuild went, and particularly how it runs with the bigger pistons. First I will list the problems we found with the tractor. The radiato
  6. This is a new noise. The engine has been rebuilt and its got a new clutch kit and input pto shaft fitted. Like you I was thinking it must be one of those that's caused it. But I guess there is always the possibility that it's just an unlucky coincidence of timing and that it's something else causing the noise. Yes the pump is driven off the input pto shaft. There are two types of input shaft, but they are quite different. I've got to say the new one did look identical to the one that came out. It is an after market shaft, and I would be extremely annoyed if I find that it was not made
  7. I've done some more troubleshooting to try to determine the source of the noise. I had another look through the clutch inspection plate while I had someone rev up the engine. The noise was still there, even while I could see that the throwout bearing was not spinning at all. Interestingly, turning the steering wheel, or operating a hydraulic remote does vary the level of the sound. Sometimes the whine will get quieter or disappear briefly. This gets me thinking - could it be the hydraulic pump that is starting to fail? Can these make a whining sound when they are close to failing? There a
  8. Yeah they made a slight change to the pto input shaft in 1984/85. The one we fitted is exactly the same as what was in it. From looking at the other one, it looks like it wouldn't fit. By 'pilot bushing' do you mean the 'pilot bearing' in the flywheel? The pilot bearing was replaced. The pto input shaft has a bearing inside the 3 bolt retainer cap next to the gear. This bearing seemed to be in good order, so it wasn't replaced.
  9. I adjusted the pedal until there was daylight between the throwout bearing and the fingers, and the noise is still there. Also it's the same noise with the pedal fully pushed in. I attached a bushhog just to put a little bit of a load on the pto to see if it would make any difference. The noise was slightly different, almost on/off from 1200-1350rmp, but still there above that. It's got me puzzled. It may not be anything serious, but it's just a little annoying to hear a sound that was never there before. I'll do some more checks tomorrow and during the weekend to see if I can figure
  10. I did some adjustment on the pedal, and I can confirm that the noise is not coming from the throwout bearing. Of course if it was this bearing, then I would have heard a similar sound in the past when pressing the cutch pedal while the engine rpm is above 1500 rpm, for example operating pto implements. My initial concern was that it was the relief valve in the engine oil pump blowing off. But I've done a lot more listening and while it can be very misleading to pinpoint exactly where the sound is coming from, it does seem to be coming from somewhere between the clutch and the transmission
  11. It's the newer design like the 495 where the throw-out bearing touches the fingers all the time. It's got a brand new clutch kit fitted now. I'm not saying that the noise isn't the throw-out bearing, but the previous clutch was set up exactly the same and it never made this noise. Also I would expect that if it was the bearing, the noise might vary with engine rpm. But this noise has two levels - non-existing below 1250 rpm, and the same pitched whine at any rpm above this.
  12. Update - the engine in my tractor has been rebuilt. I got it back from the local guy's workshop yesterday. There are lots of things that I'm really impressed with. I will go into detail with these later. Right now my concern is in relation to a whining noise that comes from the engine when it's revved up to 1250 rpm and higher. Once rpm falls below this the whining disappears again. It sounds to me like as if the engine oil pump pressure relief valve is opening at 1250 rpm. The oil pump was replaced and all bearings replaced. Have a listen to these videos of the noise. In the first
  13. I'm excited to see how it comes together too. I did look at the idea of fitting a turbo. I do know that Case IH offered the 3220 tractor with a turbo'd D179 in some European countries - I think maybe Austria and Switzerland. So the engine can definitely cope with a turbo. But I figured adding the bigger pistons was much simpler and cheaper when I am already going to be replacing the pistons anyway. Thanks for the offer Farmall708. However the pistons in a 358 have a bore of 98.4mm - same as standard pistons for the 179. Good tip about fitting new valve seats to boost compression as op
  14. Well I went ahead and got bigger pistons for my tractor, so time will tell if it was a good move or a bad move. A local guy will begin working on the engine next weekend. As a minimum the engine will be getting new pistons, liners ,rings, pin bushes, new inlet and exhaust valves, new injectors and all new gaskets. The head will be sent away to an engine specialist shop to be skimmed and cleaned. At this point I'm thinking I will have the conrod and crankshaft bearings replaced too. I wouldn't be overly keen on having the crankshaft ground down as I've read it can weaken it. Of course
  15. Yes the 495 was rated at 42 pto hp, same as the 484 & 485. And for the most part when tested they produced that figure at the pto +/- 1hp. Looking at the "Fuel System" section of the DLG test reports, the 633 seems to be very similar to 454, 484 and 485: Bosch distributor injection pump VA3/10/H/1090, Bosch DLLA injectors with injection pressure 205 to 215 bar, pump timing 14 degrees before TDC. 633 - https://pruefberichte.dlg.org/filestorage/Harvester_IH-633_Nr501_1976-englisch.pdf 484 - https://pruefberichte.dlg.org/filestorage/Harvester_484_Nr630_1979-englisch.pdf 48
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