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  1. Hi do you still have the wheels off your w6? 

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    2. Allfarmall


      Rubber, my w6 has 24" rear wheels and I am looking bigger rear wheels to set the tractor more level. 


      Yes, I still have the rubber wheels, but I did not plan on selling the wheels, they might become handy one day it is a lot easier to move the tractor around on rubber instead of steel. If you want I can ask around here.
      For my own tractor i am still looking for a set of steel front wheels. 

    4. Allfarmall


      Do you use the tractor on the road? My one is a 1942 aswell. Wheels for a w6 are like hens teeth. 

  2. Allfarmall

    Mccormick no6 mower

    Hi all. I am trying to restore a mccormick no6 mower but am unsure what colors it should be. Also is it possible to date the mower off the casting? Thanks