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  1. Hi everyone, I'm thinking about fitting lights to my w6. It is not fitted with any electrics. I have heard of charging systems fitted to these without a battery being fitted. My questions are 1,If I fit a dynamo and regulator and wire the lights to it will it work? 2, If it will work. Will I cause any damage being run with the lights off? Thanks for any advice
  2. Hi I have a w6, m and t6. I know the rear bell housing plate needs to be changed for the starter motor to enter from the engine side rather that gearbox side. Also flywheel needs replacing for starter ring and hand clutch. I will need to check the front of the engine to see for engine to chassis mounting points.
  3. Thank you all for your advice. I fitted new plug leads to the mag, checked timing of the mag (which was timed spot on.) put a couple of drops of oil in the bores. And after two cranks she burst in to life! So once again thank you.
  4. I think is sat for a lot of years. It feels like there is compression on the handle. Il try some oil in the bores that might help suck up the fuel. Thanks.
  5. Hi all. I resently purchased a t6 on an impulse buy. (first time for a crawler) after cleaning the points and getting good spark from the mag and filling her up with fresh petrol/gas, I decided to try and start her up but no joy. There seems to be no fuel coming up the the cylinders. But yet when I open the choke the fuel pours out the intake hose. Any light shed on this problem would be very appreciated, thank you
  6. Hi do you still have the wheels off your w6? 

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    2. Allfarmall


      Rubber, my w6 has 24" rear wheels and I am looking bigger rear wheels to set the tractor more level. 

    3. frank.nl


      Yes, I still have the rubber wheels, but I did not plan on selling the wheels, they might become handy one day it is a lot easier to move the tractor around on rubber instead of steel. If you want I can ask around here.
      For my own tractor i am still looking for a set of steel front wheels. 

    4. Allfarmall


      Do you use the tractor on the road? My one is a 1942 aswell. Wheels for a w6 are like hens teeth. 

  7. Hi all. I am trying to restore a mccormick no6 mower but am unsure what colors it should be. Also is it possible to date the mower off the casting? Thanks
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