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  1. Yes. And a BIG fuel tank too--plus a secondary tank under the drivers side steps. Not a fun machine to fuel with a hand pump.
  2. I believe (but could be wrong) that the points are for the deceleration of the catapults.
  3. I went through the same thing just a bit more than two years now when we sold the cows. At the time I thought that it was the right thing to do. I suppose it was, and probably nothing would have changed in the end, but it has only hurt more since, and I wish very much that it had not ended the way it did. I still hope to have milking cows again, even if only a handful, but it is a hard thing to manage these days.
  4. Sort of an aside, but what's then the relationship with the English-built New Holland TM series--I've never run a Versatile, but the TMs are fairly common around me, and from the outside they look identical to the Genesis/Versatile machines. Were they just a slightly less powerful outgrowth of the Genesis?
  5. I will echo the 88 series, but my personal favorites are big Fords, especially the later ones with the more angular cab roof and black stripes. Doesn't hurt that they're fun machines to run; Ford in general had the best ergonomics for operators IMO, especially on the open tractors.
  6. The other way to tell from the engines is the cowls on 737 engines are not circular, they flatten slightly at the bottom for ground clearance.
  7. 757. A 737 would have two wheels on each set of rear landing gear instead of four.
  8. Calf diarrhea, the whitish stuff from scouring calves that are a couple days old.
  9. Suppose the oil filter is no longer available. Oddest looking fuel hose I've ever seen too. And where are parts 7-16...? Guess we'll never know.
  10. Is there an OEM block heater for these tractors? I just bought one, and would like to not rely on ether to start it this winter. It looks like there's a plug on the left side of the engine where one can be added--true? Thanks.
  11. I gotta find the shops that are sending these rigs through state inspection. God knows I'm sick of seeing my vehicles fail for body rust and check engine lights while garbage like this rolls down the road.
  12. Almost everyone regardless of size is an LLC, you'd have to be fool not to. That said, if you're trying to equate <500 cow herds with the huge operations like Faria Brothers or Milk Source you're totally off your rocker.
  13. Just as a bit of a thought experiment, if I want to buy a socket set let's say, I could go on the internet and order an American made SK/Wright/Snap-On one, and watch my dollars flow through the ether out of my community, or I could go to the hardware store in town and buy a Chinese made set, and a good portion of my money stays in the area. Yes, some percentage will go to the offshore manufacturer, but on the other hand a bunch goes to paying the store's employees and their other B2B transactions locally, and, hopefully, some will circle back to buying our farm's product. So which is better
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