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    Ecco boost engine

    Carbon buildup is an issue with direct injection gas engines, Ecoboost and Chevy, under certain conditions. Some issues with both, but not all of them. There were posts of some Chevy engines having the heads off before 40,000 miles (with pictures), some install a catch can. The newest Ecoboosts are different and reduce that, any that have the 10 speed. If you don't get the one you mentioned and look at Chevy, Google the two words "Chevy shake". A lot of discussion and videos, Chevy not always fixing the ones with issues. I think an aftermarket driveshaft might be one of the fixes. Some early Ecoboost had a condensation issue. Under certain conditions it would cause stalling, sputtering, plug issues, etc. Various fixes by Ford, I think a DIY solution was to put a weeping hole in the intercooler. Not an issue with the newer ones. '15 F150 supercab, if in a certain type of accident, could have more damage than they should. Lacked some extra bracing I think. It was the only cab size affected, fixed in the newer ones.
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