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  1. Going to insulate entire building just need any other ideas ?????
  2. 32 ft by 48 ft shop is all township would allow without a variance and . I dont farm just restore tractors and work on cars. And heat will be with overhead Reznor heater . NO in floor heat takes too long to warm up shop with those and need to bolt machines down so NO in floor heat.... Too much crap with them. Still need other ideas ???? Keep them coming !!!
  3. I going to build a new shop 32 ft by 48 ft by 16 ft high 12 ft by 48 ft will be machine shop and 20 ft by 48 ft will be cold storage. In May and need ideas of what . Kind of Air compressor piping to do ? What to bury in concrete floor beams / hooks / etc... To hook things too to straighten out things. Any ideas for inside shop will help ? I do a lot of welding in it too. Thanks Dave
  4. My wife had me stand up 2 of them yesterday. And said since your good at that you could now use them to clean garage floor !!!!
  5. Would like this thread to be about showing your Farmall H pictures !! Ours has been in family since new. Now 8 year old grandson owns it now. With co-rider granddaughter.
  6. My uncle had ARPs tracks on a JD 70 back in the day when nothing else could go in the field . His 70 with ARPs would go. Especially in the North Dakota sandy soil !!!
  7. I have FBH351927X1 fifth one off the line in 1951 Farmall H and would like to know if the sister or brother Hs are out there somewhere ? Anybody have one of them ???
  8. Still looking for one of these Mccormick oil can holders ? Anybody ?
  9. Here's better description of them got messed up when I first posted it !!!
  10. Here is some new decals from Maple Hunter. Farmall H Belly Pump Decal / Farmall H Battery box side decal / And Coleman IH cooler decal like one in picture of cooler. Maple Hunter of Indiana has them now.
  11. Heres another place for belts of any kind... https://www.yesterdaystractors.com/cgi-bin/viewit.cgi?bd=implment&th=295632
  12. My family's first tractor was a Fordson and 2nd one was 1937 Case CC bought new. I own it now grandson of original owner....
  13. Uncle had 656 Hydro best barn yard tractor ever. Baddddd ! Field tractor !!! No power !!! From our experience over 15 years....
  14. THANKS !!!!! This story is such a great break from the norm on this site.....
  15. Looking for somebody to print me 2 of each dealer decals and 2 of power steering decals. Cant find anybody !! Can anybody help me. They just want to do a lot of them or cost what my house I live in cost.... Maple hunter and the usual people who sell decals wont do them.... HELP !!!!!
  16. I was told somebody on forum is keeping track of Farmall H serial numbers or somebody else ? Mine is the 5th H off the line in 1951 . And would like to see if 1 2 3 4 are around ?
  17. I was told somebody on forum is keeping track of H serial numbers . Mine is the 5th H off the line in 1951 .
  18. Whats this have to do with tractors ?????
  19. Steels wheels on tractors in Amish country in Ohio too
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