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  1. Who makes the best quality Farmall H Donaldson Mason Jar air cleaner reproduction. Like the original Farmall part # 59095D Like this ??
  2. My H was bought brand new from Dellinger Farm Equipment . That use to be the IH dealer in Continental Ohio. Looking for any pictures of dealership or memorabilia catalogs or anything that has there name on it. Or any stories of the place... Really anything about the dealership....
  3. From what I have discovered that its good to mount exhaust fan about 4 or 5 foot high. That way could suck out exhaust fumes from tractors too. And welding fumes etc....
  4. I am building a shop and going to put in exhaust fans with shutters in wall and need to find how to make a filter box on the inside for welding fumes and sometimes paint fumes. So they dont go outside of shop and make welding soot and paint particles on side of shop.. Need pictures of what you have made or bought. Looking at furnace filters for it or paint booth filters.... Here is the fan I might be using ... Thanks https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200596084_200596084
  5. I am looking at building a 32 ft by 48 ft shop for restoring antique tractors. And found a amish builder to do it. Opinion on the work they do ?? And did I make the right decision on hiring them ???
  6. Does anybody have one of these 1 or 2 ton gantry cranes or similar one ... Thoughts likes & dislikes... https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200696896_200696896
  7. Howdy ! Waiting for Farmall ride. Is it out of barn yet...
  8. Heres 2 repowers http://www.smallenginewarehouse.com/Repower-Old-Equipment/Cub-Cadet-782-Category/ And another.... https://repowerspecialists.com/products/cub-cadet-782-with-kohler?variant=4485520687127
  9. I worked in the MTD test department when the kubota diesels were built best time ever !!! Had one as a gas cart for test equipment and to plow snow always started cold. Great engines !!!
  10. I have a Char-Lynn power steering unit on Farmall H and would like a o-ring / gasket kit to rebuild leaking unit on steering post... Anybody know where to get kits to rebuild it the correct kits ??? Here's a similar unit somebody else rebuilt but cant get in contact with him.... The unit is a S-101 Char-lynn unit from what I can tell... Hope you can help Dave
  11. Had a feeling that was going to happen to all straight pipe diesels ..... I had one back in 1998 and nobody said anything except that everybody loved the turbo sound !!!!!! I miss that 1998 and 1/2 24 valve Dodge Cummins alot. Was one of the first 24 valve cummins around here ...
  12. Thought would start a thread on the virus on impact of farming and other businesses related to farming . Thoughts ?
  13. Sorry to hear that my condolences to them . He will be missed !!!
  14. I am thinking about this Rapid Air system in my new shop THOUGHTS ? And what system do you use and why ? Likes and dislikes ?? https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200484023_200484023
  15. ( FLOOR HEAT IS OUT !!!!!! ) NO WAY ! NO HOW ! Cant be talked into it !!! Reznor heater is in !!! Anymore ideas anybody has would be appreciated other than heat. ????
  16. You going to paint them or leave them natural state ???
  17. Dont like floor heat alot of cost for only being in there now and then.. Cant drill into floor when have to mount machines. Now or in future. I like Reznor overhead heaters had in last shop and last one I had lasted 25 years.... Only heating machine shop side 12 ft by 48 ft side for now... NO FLOOR HEAT !!!! My last cost for heat in old shop was not that much. Spent the money on good insulation instead !!!
  18. Cant do bathroom or water in my shop township. Then its zoned as a residence... Cant do... Shop can only be 32 ft by 48 ft by 26 ft to top of roof. Gives me 16ft inside ceiling with 14 ft door high. I dont work on combines 12 ft door is wide enough. Need more ideas on what to sink in concrete floor to build things ???
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