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  1. @casetrader was following up on your comment just got time to mess with it been busy in the field yes you can switch the gears and turn the key while driving and it will shift. @CIHTECH everything seem to check out good
  2. Haven’t tried that just pulled it apart yesterday. If i try that and it does shift what would be my go to?
  3. Was cutting hay today and my trans light started flashing and none of my power shift gears will shift. You can kill the tractor and move it to whatever gear 1-4 on the power shift lever start it up and it will be in that gear but if you try and switch gears while tractor is running nothing. The trans light is flashing constantly. Any help appreciated.
  4. no I did not but would that make it not go into d range?
  5. Checked the seat switch And wires it seems to be fine. If I kill it 2-3 times it will then move 1-12 soon as I try to go to D range it throws it into neutral. Then I have to kill the tractor 2-3 times and it will then move again seems like something in the D range, maybe solenoid any help is appreciated
  6. On my case 5130 maxxum do I check the transmission/hydraulic fluid when it is running or the tractor is off?
  7. On my case 125 Maxxum having problems with is not wanting to move when I put the shuttle shift in forward or reverse it just throws it straight into neutral. Any one have this problem has the 16speed
  8. Is there a way to adjust the turning radius on my case 125?
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