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  1. no I did not but would that make it not go into d range?
  2. Checked the seat switch And wires it seems to be fine. If I kill it 2-3 times it will then move 1-12 soon as I try to go to D range it throws it into neutral. Then I have to kill the tractor 2-3 times and it will then move again seems like something in the D range, maybe solenoid any help is appreciated
  3. On my case 5130 maxxum do I check the transmission/hydraulic fluid when it is running or the tractor is off?
  4. On my case 125 Maxxum having problems with is not wanting to move when I put the shuttle shift in forward or reverse it just throws it straight into neutral. Any one have this problem has the 16speed
  5. IH 5139

    Case 125

    Is there a way to adjust the turning radius on my case 125?
  6. Have a 5130 case, have hydraulic oil coming from back side of oil pan can seem to find any leaks in hoses nor lines coming from steering etc. anyone ever have this problem leaking pretty good like gallon a hour or so. Thanks in advance
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