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  1. I didn’t see any problems but cleaned the connection near the hitch and mine is working perfectly now.
  2. Watching. I am having a similar problem but mine is intermittent. I am going to check connections.
  3. https://www.auctiontime.com/listings/farm-equipment/auctions/online/190498609/1985-international-5488
  4. Here’s one for sale with 3PH. Not sure it’s ever seen a shed.
  5. My welding looks better in that picture than it does up close. Here’s a picture of the tractor.
  6. We modified a cheap repro so we could mount a group 31. We saved the original in case we want to go back.
  7. As my member name implies we have one. I have seen a few but definitely have seen more 1066 Hydros.
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