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  1. Yes, discs and newer brakes would be nice, but I'm looking a a 1961 C120 3/4 ton that the ad says needs "brake work" and a few other things. If I knew there was another alternative to whacked out prices on drums or changing axles before it could be driven, I just might pull the trigger. And what might be a reasonable price range for one of those C120's with a 241 six, in Travelette (4 door) form?
  2. I'm new to this IH knowledge base, but I'm wondering about the situation with pre-1969 3/4 ton brake drums. Realizing they are exceedingly rare (a website with IH parts is charging $1000 each!?), has any IH owning machinist ever come up with a way to sleeve old drums with a new wear surface? We sleeve engine blocks with new cylinders, why not this? A steel sleeve would have an expansion rate higher than an iron drum, so theoretically the sleeve should always expand to tighten into the drum rather than the drum expand to loosen around the sleeve. A lathe to machine the drum and sleeve, an oven to expand the drum and a press and jig to press them together seems within reason. Might drums crack? Could sleeves rotate? Are there ways around these problems to make them safe? I may be way off somewhere and don't mind being enlightened, but it seems there's a market for $2-300 re-sleeved brake drums for those IH guys who are left with axle swaps as their only option.
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