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  1. Guys, thanks for the replies, that pump was on it when we got, don't know anything about it. May be a wood splitter pump, actually looks about that size!! LOL! Louie, thanks for the info. I'll do some digging and see what I can find. Thanks again !!
  2. Pump is rooted??? Need translation mate!!! Shot, broke, gone, junk, trashed? Thanks! I got a good hydraulic shop close, probably let them check it out! Maybe one day I could make it to the Land down under! Thanks!
  3. Got the 1963 TD 9B working pretty good now, lift cylinders rebuilt, but now the tracks out run the blade. Hotter it gets, the slower the blade reaction is. Any idea what this pump is?? Gallons per minute, at what pressure? No numbers or ID on it. Front crank mounted. Thanks!
  4. Back to the TD9B, motor running hot , water pump leaking, cleaned radiator, replaced pump, steering clutches and brakes great, working like a champ now. Hydraulics slow, rebuilt both cylinders for the blade as they were bypassing internally. Every thing worked great for about an hour, and then the blade reaction speed really slowed down and hydraulic oil seemed real hot. Blade will hold in the up position all night. Getting a whine for the system when picking the blade up, the tracks out run the blade in 1st gear, half throttle. Works better when cool... What pressure should I be getting and how many gallons per minute should the pump be running? The pump has no numbers or ID on it. It is mounted to the crankshaft at the front of the motor. Any #s for a replacement for the pump?
  5. Finally, after hay cutting, fluffing, raking and rolling hay, planting Millet for doves, fertilizing, plus the regular job, I had enough time to get the TD9B back together for some trial runs. Cranks and runs good, changed out the alternator for a 1 wire set up, new belts, hoses, battery cables etc. Pushed a few trees yesterday, worked good, seems strong, will spin tracks, Clutches, brakes, working great, thanks to Redwood for the spares he had. Got a fuel leak on the back side of the pump I can't get to that needs some attention. Blade hydraulics are extremely slow, need more investigation, maybe the pump? Control valve? Named it Ole Smokey, Killing trees since '63!
  6. Redwood, thanks for the help with those parts , I really appreciate it. Got the clutch assembled and waiting on the seal for the bevel gear side to arrive. Got a new throw out bearing last week Every thing went back together pretty well after blasting . Need to check the other side.....
  7. Finally got the discs out, not to bad a job, PB Blaster loosened them up after a good soaking Thanks Hector, for the offer! I've cleaned up the discs and they are pretty good except for some pitting from rust. Drum is pretty rusty too, cleaning up with bead blaster. What I need most is the spring retainer, because the one that is in it is worn to the point it doesn't hold the spring in! Do you have one of those? Also want to replace the release bearing, and seals. Where's the best place to get these? Thanks in advance!
  8. Finally got back on this clutch. Read the manual about the bolts to relieve the spring pressure. The only thing is, when I released the dogs I built, there was no pressure on the bearing and the spring came out with the bearing! It looks like the spring retainer has been ground out and doesn't hold the spring back! What happened here??? The other thing is the disc are rusted solid to the drum where water sat on the bottom of the housing. The drum is extremely pitted don't know if it can be cleaned up. My have to get another spring retainer and drum....any ideas?
  9. With the use of 2 small plate dogs and steel wedges, extended length 5/8" wrenches I was able to get the release bearing back far enough to get the bolts out of the coupling retainer. Pure luck involved, the plate dogs actually cleared so I could rotate the drum all the way around!! I think we can get the drum out now! Also moved her up on the concrete, much better!!
  10. Appreciate the info, Jim! I was able yesterday to get a couple of steel wedges in the housing and get the bearing loose enough to be able to get the pivot rod out. Got some kind of pressure on it! Got a porta power, gonna try to push it some more that and then put some plate dogs to hold the bearing in maybe then maybe I'll have enough room to get to the other bolts and on to the coupling. yeah. might as well check the other side as well since I'm this deep.... Brakes look pretty good though, about 1/4 to 3/8ths thick!
  11. Thanks Jim! That might be the case, also the pressure plate is also pushed against the drum tight where as the good side has about a 1/4 - 3/8ths gap. So guess what's happening is the realease collar and bearing are just pushing the spring and not moving the pressure plate?? Do I need to move that spring, release collar in and lock it down somehow to get the assembly out of the housing?? Thanks !
  12. Got a couple of pictures of these clutches, left side is first, the one that won't disengauge, right ( with the grease line) is the one that works great
  13. We've got a TD-9 B that has a steering clutch problem that I have search the site for answers and just can't seem to find any info on. The clutch is engaged and pulling , but you can not disengage it. The lever pulls all the way to the seat with no response but you can tell the brake lugs the engine when engaged. Pulled the cover off after the cab etc , brakes good, but the release fork is jammed tight all the way against the pinion gear housing with the release bearing and the pressure spring retainer moved towards the center of the crawler a lot further than the right side which is working fine. The release fork would move the assembly as it should yet no release as it looked like it would not push it far enough into the drum. Have the bolts come out of the pressure plate and turned the retainer loose??? If so how do I get this back together to get the clutch out??? Help! Thanks in advance! Will get pictures of both this crawler and the 1957 TD 9 Gas to Diesel soon!
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