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    Sorry for your loss, may the peace of God be with you. As so many of us are losing loved ones lately we have to keep the faith and remember that they are healed completely now.
  2. I agree with this, if it’s really bad you can lightly sand it with fine sandpaper. I have cleaned up headlights by sanding with 400 grit stepping up to 1000 grit and then compounding with a buffer.
  3. Sorry for your loss, continued prayers for comfort.
  4. As is the case with most of my projects it’s not finished! I will eventually put boards on the sides. It did work good for loading these steers. I started giving them their grain in there a few days before I needed to lock them in.
  5. Lord hold this man and his family close.
  6. @JaredTOuch! Prayers for quick healing! We all have our problems, some we share with others, some we only share with God. No matter what we are dealing with someone else is dealing with something worse. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, God will not burden us with more than we can handle. May we find strength in our faith. I’ve been waiting till after Christmas to post what I’ve been dealing with, maybe this weekend.
  7. I had a small spot on my chest about ten years ago, hurt bad when touched. My dad had it this past year and ached for months, mid chest, front to back. When I’m eligible to get the vaccine I will, it’s been around for a while.
  8. I’ll support the don’t quit advice, you’ve invested too much. Make them fire you!
  9. Nice tractor! I usually use my D17 on my wood wagon but had to put a starter on it so it’s still hooked to the 806.
  10. Nice project! First time I got “sun burnt” was welding patches in the floor of my 80 Monte Carlo.
  11. Merry Christmas! God bless you all!
  12. I’m jealous, I want to drive one of those tractors!
  13. So how much does the breed factor into all of this?
  14. When the vet was out doing preg checks I asked him his thoughts about the three steers that I had. His recommendation was working them up to a five gallon pail of 18% protein grain, twice a day for the last two months. We will see! I’ll be following this thread.
  15. My daughter using her great grandpa’s baler. He used to pull it with a D19.
  16. They want to much for this one, but I wonder how much money there would be in scrap.
  17. This has been for sale for some time. I don’t think anyone wants to use it as a paver anymore and it would be a lot of work to convert it back! Not mine.
  18. Not our lights. We drove by these last night. The home owner has the display set to music. You tune your radio to the station, he must be broadcasting from the house because as I drove away the station faded out quickly. It’s awesome!
  19. My favorite Christmas cookie! Made me hungry as soon as I saw the picture, toast looks good too!
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