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  1. I’m pretty sure he said impact crusher. It caught on fire somehow.
  2. I was asked to help paint a concrete crusher yesterday. I didn’t realize how big it was! I joined a good young man and six gallons of paint and six hours later we were done! Needless to say I’m sore today.
  3. Amen, no matter what we are dealing with someone is dealing with something worse. We all need faith in God!
  4. Prayers for answers and healing!
  5. A friend of mine added a few floors in his, uses ladders and holes in floors are offset.
  6. One day I’d like to build a room on top of the silo at the farm, good views from up there!
  7. Prayers for a quick recovery!
  8. We can try our hardest but we’re still human! Only suggestion I can come up with is a thin cardboard template.
  9. I don’t know details about the hunting season but I saw all these turkeys on the way to church last Sunday.
  10. Those cab corners are the first area to go on that style truck. Most I see are gone already. If yours are just the size of a quarter I would look into something like Krown rust proofing or put the used motor oil to it and preserve what is still there. New trucks are nice though!
  11. The chickens are getting creative!
  12. I’ll fix some things but there were a few things that led me to replace this, the lock on the abs module was smashed, headlamp plug smashed with about ten wires, wire ends goin to the center camera were no where to be found!
  13. The not all farm fields part of the thumb!
  14. @Michigan No Till I’m going to get up and get my third cup!
  15. I don’t like working on a Saturday but I didn’t want any interruptions on this job. This Expedition swallowed a deer messing up some of the wiring up front. Well Ford decided to make a harness that runs from inside the passenger compartment under the dash, out across the front, then up to the driver’s side cowl to the wiper motor, with a couple connections in between! Thankfully I didn’t have to pull the dash.
  16. Definitely keep active as much as you can, prayers for a quick recovery.
  17. I’ve never taken the time to set mine up, one of these days!
  18. https://www.triplertractors.com/led-tractor-lighting.html I bought mine from here, can’t go wrong with a triple R company 😉
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