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  1. 9 hours ago, acem said:

    They are commonly put up and down with a trailer that tilts to set them up. Basically a long dump trailer.

    Sounds like a good idea, I bought a dump trailer a couple weeks ago. I could try to prop up the top of the grain bin while laying flat, strap it in and try to get it standing as straight as possible when the trailer is fully dumped.

    Thanks for all the replies!

  2. Thanks guys, lots of ideas! 

    37 minutes ago, JaredT said:

    Telehandler on the top end, loader on the bottom. If you just lift the top and try to tip it up, the legs will likely bend. We took out some bolts and bolted angle irons to a bigger bin than that, put holes in the angle iron to put a clevis on and hooked up with chains and lifted. We bolted the angle irons to the top ring just below the roof. 

    I was thinking about making some brackets also, I don’t want to destroy it anymore than it is.

    Doesn’t sound like anyone recommends tearing it apart.

  3. So I bought this bin awhile back and need to get it upright and cleaned out. I have thought of trying to make brackets to bolt to the top and try to lift it upright with the loader but it will test the lift height of the loader. Also considering taking it apart at the top half and rebuilding it standing up. Any ideas or cautionary advice?



  4. 11 hours ago, Rick G. said:

    That’s going to be an expensive 1456 by the time they get the TA fixed. Plus it could have other hidden issues not mentioned in the disclosure about the TA. Plus was there a buyer’s premium fee for this auction? A fool and his money are soon parted. $$$,$$$.$$ lol….

     I sold 2 good 1970 1456s for a grand total of less than that one alone, back around 2012 / 2013. I guess I should have asked more for each one. 

    10% buyers premium!

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