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  1. 8 hours ago, MT Matt said:

    Mowed the only second cut field I have. Needed fertilizer but didn’t know if I would have irrigation water so I got what I got. 



    The orchard grass got about 15” tall but it’s thick and all leaf so it will be really nice horse hay. Just not much. 


    On the last round, the belt flew off the NH 479 and the upper pulley came apart. So I’ll have to load up the Super A and the sickle mower to finish off the field tomorrow. 

    Beautiful hayfield! Stinks about the pulley!

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  2. 9 hours ago, snoshoe said:

    With a cab lever it will probably never break.

    If adding oil made it go and you had no other symptoms. I suspect your pickup tube is loose.

    Steering was fine, remotes were fine, I didn’t drive it around too much when checking things though. I’ll have to check into the tube being loose, thanks.

  3. 9 hours ago, HydroTek said:

    Maybe just check the oil level more often

    I agree! I have always wanted to make a checklist or a maintenance chart for all the tractors/equipment. To keep track of when and what was done. Unfortunately I haven’t made one yet and can’t remember as much as I’d like to!

  4. I was getting ready to install the duals and thought I’d start the baler for a bit. Pto won’t engage. Worked just fine for first cutting. I checked the fluid already and it was full. Any ideas? Going to go tedder the hay and check back in, thanks!

  5. Hay field is pretty soft. To help mitigate damage I thought I would put the duals on the 1066. I’ve never had them on before. My thoughts are drive the tractor up on a couple short boards and then use the forks to put the dual on. Sounds easier than it is probably going to be. Any other suggestions?

  6. I have never owned or used an inverter, don’t see many others using them around here(but I don’t get out much!). Tedders seem to be the tool of choice for getting the hay to dry. I have seen some people using a rotary rake and I would like to give one a try.

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  7. I had a couple calves get out yesterday. I figured they were sneaking around the end of the hot wire in the swamp. The fence runs through the swamp but it’s hard to maintain it. I electrified another 100’ in. See if you can tell from the picture what 10’ section is knee deep water!2B863F78-0893-4693-8229-F88428A46F16.thumb.jpeg.df15e2078648e7728c051707b3318cef.jpeg


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  8. I was towards the end of baling hay when it broke on me. Of course I didn’t know what happened. I was able to put it in reverse but that was it. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish baling in reverse so I had to either figure something out or switch to a different tractor. Thankfully I was able to remove the side covers and get it into low. 
    I thought about running a drill bit through there to make sure everything was out of the hole. My only concern on going bigger would be weakening the shaft that goes down into the transmission. We use metal bonding adhesive at work all the time, If everything was clean I could pack the hole with some and then drive a new pin in. It should keep it from working back out.

    Thanks again for the info!

  9. Roll pin on the hi/low shifter wore out. I have tried calling the local dealer to find out if they have one in stock before I drive the twenty miles over there but I haven’t had much luck with the parts department. I’m not sure I got all of it out or if there’s still a broken piece in there. Anyone know the size or part number for the pin?

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