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  1. I am, what's the name of the group? I'd really like to find a 24 or 34. We have run all IH and case IH tractors since 1948 so it would be cool to get a matching set I think.
  2. Where in PA is it? Or any other information on it?
  3. That's a similar to the 24. I read that the 24 came in a regular verision and like 120 sweet corn versions were made. I also read there was a kit to switch the regular 24 over to sweet corn.
  4. We don't have to many coon problems, but 2 years ago we planted 3 varieties of sweet corn. One was a short season and it didn't get tall at all and it was destroyed by the coons. The other varieties didn't get hit bad. Our normal go to varity for sweet corn is bodashious. It makes great ears and stores awesome and holds ton of flavor compared to most other varieties we have tried over the years. We get the from growmark.
  5. Hello everybody, I was wondering if anybody has any info about the IH 24 sweet corn picker or snapper or the IH 34hm-21,22 snapper and sweet corn picker. Has anybody ran one and how well do they work? I was thinking about finding one to use to pick our 2-3 acres of sweet corn we plant for fun. If anybody has anything to say about it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I just thought it would be a cool idea if the 466 in one gave out.
  7. He's an interesting idea, did anyone ever engine swap a 2+2 before? I think it would be pretty cool to do one with an 8.3 Cummins from the 71 series Magnums.
  8. That's kinda what I want to do with one, hauling silage carts, blowing silage, and maybe pulling a liquid manure tanker. That's why I was curious about the shifting because it would do alot of road running. Does the 3 speed seem to have good gearing for pulling or better gearing than the 4 speed for pulling?
  9. Cool, how's the shifting in it? I know it has the hydraulic trans brake in it which should help alot I would imagine.
  10. That's why I thought it was odd that the 6788 doesn't have bigger axles
  11. That's what I thought they had. Didn't the 15s have bigger rear axles too?
  12. I guess I'll repharse it. When you have to stop and then down shift to start again, how had does it go because I know they have the hydraulic trans brake and not the mechanical one like the 30s do?
  13. Thanks, you think they would've put bigger ones on it since it's the heavy model but who knows.
  14. I wouldn't use it for tillage at all, I'm looking to take some pressure off our 7130. I was thinking of using it to haul 20' silage cart, spread manure and possibly pull a liquid manure tanker with it. It's mostly pto work. I knew they didn't have have the sts tranny, I meant they have the same outside houseings and cab is set up like an 88. It would be nice to buy a 300 horse magnum but at 14 dollar milk prices, it's just not in the cards. I like our 3588 alot but it's just not enough for pulling a cart and tanker. Also, how hard do they shift when you are pulling something down the road? Its a bear to shift in our 3588 especially down shifting.
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