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  1. It would be used for other things other than the picker. I planned on mounting it to play and taking it off then. I think it would be a neat combo to show in fall when we have our local heritage days.
  2. The tractor is in great shape. I was just gonna play around and maybe take it to some shows because like matt said it would be a rare combo to show off. I have to go pick the tractor up yet but do the diesels make more torque than a gas? You would think they would being a diesel with the higher compression.
  3. Hello everybody, I just bought a 234 picker to good around with and was wondering if anybody ever used an MD, SMD, or an Smta-d to pick with. I never see any pictures of diesels being used and was wondering why that is. Is there a reason why people dont? I was thinking of mounting it on a smta-d so that's why I'm asking.
  4. I am, what's the name of the group? I'd really like to find a 24 or 34. We have run all IH and case IH tractors since 1948 so it would be cool to get a matching set I think.
  5. Where in PA is it? Or any other information on it?
  6. That's a similar to the 24. I read that the 24 came in a regular verision and like 120 sweet corn versions were made. I also read there was a kit to switch the regular 24 over to sweet corn.
  7. We don't have to many coon problems, but 2 years ago we planted 3 varieties of sweet corn. One was a short season and it didn't get tall at all and it was destroyed by the coons. The other varieties didn't get hit bad. Our normal go to varity for sweet corn is bodashious. It makes great ears and stores awesome and holds ton of flavor compared to most other varieties we have tried over the years. We get the from growmark.
  8. Hello everybody, I was wondering if anybody has any info about the IH 24 sweet corn picker or snapper or the IH 34hm-21,22 snapper and sweet corn picker. Has anybody ran one and how well do they work? I was thinking about finding one to use to pick our 2-3 acres of sweet corn we plant for fun. If anybody has anything to say about it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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