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  1. It would be used for other things other than the picker. I planned on mounting it to play and taking it off then. I think it would be a neat combo to show in fall when we have our local heritage days.
  2. The tractor is in great shape. I was just gonna play around and maybe take it to some shows because like matt said it would be a rare combo to show off. I have to go pick the tractor up yet but do the diesels make more torque than a gas? You would think they would being a diesel with the higher compression.
  3. Hello everybody, I just bought a 234 picker to good around with and was wondering if anybody ever used an MD, SMD, or an Smta-d to pick with. I never see any pictures of diesels being used and was wondering why that is. Is there a reason why people dont? I was thinking of mounting it on a smta-d so that's why I'm asking.
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