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  1. Does anyone here know what the shank spacing is on an old IH 55 or 5500 chisel plow? I know they have more shanks per ft of width then say a glencoe soil saver. About how much HP per shank or per ft of width or per shank? I am assuming a 10-12 shanks would be about right for a 1066
  2. I was attending a farm sale yesterday that had a good number of older IH grain trucks. most were gas with really good beds and bodys but gas engines and were not bringing much. It got me to thinking what if you were to swap out the old gas engines with a good Diesel? Could you put a 5.9 cummins or 6.7 powerstroke in a mid 70's 1600 load star to replace the 345 gas?? That would make a good rig!!
  3. Does anyone know if the Iron Bull comes with these brackets? Also what is bolted to the fender in front of the canopy post?
  4. I am doing research on factory looking two post canopy's for my 1066. who all are making these today besides Iron Bull? I don't necessarily think I need certified because I no not use this tractor on inclines only tillage. I have tried to contact Saginaw but their phone is out of service.
  5. Looking at a couple 706 gas tractors for a loader/chore tractor. What are the pro's and con's with the 263 vs the 291? Obviously a tractor of this age may eventually need major engine work so which one is easier to work on? Get parts for? so on?
  6. I am looking for some of the bolts to connect the wedges on the cast center to the double bevel rim? These are the square head 3/4 X 3” fine thread. I would like to get them for the best price possible. Who carries these for a good price? Thanks
  7. I have a 1066 that I am removing the white IH deluxe cab and replacing it with a Year a round cab. It looks like I am going to have to convert the operators platform to an open station platform to install the YAR cab. What all do I need? Rear platform, right and left platform extensions front platform, and right and left battery trays?? anything I am missing?
  8. That is good news looks like I may rebuild it to tighten it up. Would you know where to get the plastic pieces?
  9. The sides by the operator bolt down to the floor plate one side is fixed the other side has a swinging door and flap. There should be a piece that bolts to the sheet metal in front of the steering column and throttle lever to hold everything up. The sides are held on with straps that go over the hood and under the oil pan with two that co across the front of the grill that use springs like a screen door spring to tighten the sides. There should be a piece that looks like an L that is used to keep the windbreaker material from contacting the exhaust manifold it bolts to the hood and the side skirts. I hope this helps It has been about 30 years since I have put one on.
  10. I have a 73 1066 with the 56 style adjustable steering wheel. Obviously the previous owner used the steering wheel as a grab rail to lift himself out of the seat because it is extremely loose and floppy as well as all the plastic is cracked and broken. I wold like to just do away with the adjustable system all together but I don't know what all this will entail? I the adjustable system just added onto a standard steering column or would I need to replace the entire steering tower? How hard is it to find the plastic pieces to replace all the broken ones if I were to rebuild the adjustable set up?
  11. BobinIL

    IH Cab

    There should be plenty of these used around. These cabs get taken off of many of these tractors. I have one I will be taking off of a 1066 this winter. The cab will just go to the local auction yard or scrap.
  12. On my 1978 1440 combine we noticed that the Shaft speed monitor had all the wires cut under the cab from a previous broken final drive accident. So instead of trying to wire it back up we just removed the Dickey John shaft speed monitor and all the little silver wires many were chewed bare by rodents. now my digital Tachometer only reads engine RPM's accurately. It gives a ground speed reading while sitting still and it gives rotor speed and fan speed readings when the separator is off. Any idea what the heck I have going on?
  13. Has anyone on here tried to replace the lower unloading auger housing on a 14 or 16 series combine? I am going to need to do mine eventually and was wondering how big a job it is?
  14. I have a 1066 that seems to have a shifter out of adjustment. When you put it in Low range or Reverse it will sometimes pop out of the range until you get a good connection then it will stay in gear. I assume this is just a linkage adjustment issue. Just asking if anyone else has had to adjust their linkage with this kind of problem. It is an old white cab tractor so I assume t is a pain to get to the linkage.
  15. I assume the variable speed fan adjustment motor is the same thing?
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