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  1. looks like I will have to split the tractor? It is Hydro oil so would that be the front or the rear?
  2. Thank you very much!
  3. I cannot find this gasket to replace mine that is leaking. It looks like the owner before me tried to make one and I would like to replace it with a new gasket. I have been looking at Messick"s parts I still can't find It. Thanks
  4. I think that is the route that I will go. I have read a lot about how it should be done and read a lot of what people are actually doing with years of good luck. At this point I don't have much to lose.
  5. Im not sure if the red light works. The lines going to the evaporator one is hot the other is ambient temp or so. I did not have a temp gun. But it was still dumping cold air in the cab. IT was about 75 deg and the tractor was at an idle. It worked good last year considering that it was in the 90'S.
  6. So far when its working the pump is running and does not cycle. I will have to run it when its hot outside to see what it is doing. All the hay is cut and now hooked to the baler waiting. I will report back.
  7. Looking for some advice on my 1086 AC system. It is an R12 system and it blows cold air when It is first on and after about 15 min in 85 deg heat it will start to loose its cool. The radiator and condenser are clean and I did not find any leaks on a visual. One of the heater core hoses is in the closed position. It worked really good last year. The red light is not on. Not sure If its time to convert to R134A? Thanks in advance.
  8. That's perfect. Do you have a picture of your brackets by chance?
  9. I have read some people tilt it down so the rocks don't lift. Do you have widow protection?
  10. I'm looking for a rock guard for my rear window on my 1086 when I discbine . I don;t have a rocky field but last year I had a few rocks knock on the window. I have read people using lexon, expanded metal and Tractor Guard. I am looking at making one to save on cost. If anybody has some experience with any rock protection that would be great.
  11. I see, thanks for explaining that! There are some small cab marks on the hood but otherwise nice condition. Your 856 is in great shape as well. I like your steps!
  12. Maybe he is trying to make money farming, heaven forbid to be on a budget!
  13. Thanks but I am not sure what you mean by the paint. My friend and I drove 6 hrs to look at it. I am at least the 3rd owner of it . It runs and sounds great. My friend and I believe it is the original paint as everything front to back is the same condition. I really like it too. I just bought it and hr east of Sioux Falls on craigslist.
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