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  1. Andejo

    1086 Rear end hot when running discbine.

    That's just fine, the more info i put out somebody might have a some experience to share. Like you did when you questioned it. I like that. I really like the 504 PRO. Bought it with 12000 bales threw it and its 2013 in good shape. It makes a nice bale after I got it figured out. I need to look at the spool valve like you said. Thanks again.
  2. Andejo

    1086 Rear end hot when running discbine.

    I will have to take a look at that, I had to use the old bungee strap routine.
  3. Andejo

    1086 Rear end hot when running discbine.

    Its in the manual. Not sure why but it says it multiple times.
  4. I will check for that when I get home, week or so. thanks for the help!
  5. Andejo

    1086 Lube light will not come on with clutch

    I will try that and I think you are correct. The only thing that was different was the fluid was cold that day. Thanks
  6. I have a this, not sure if it's a custom paint job. I have not seen it on any other tractor, has anybody? My floor is red, my cab kit was black and my seat is brown.
  7. Andejo

    1086 Rear end hot when running discbine.

    It was about 85 deg and i think its a open center. I have no levers below the hydraulic levers. The float is for my baler. Its a Vermeer 504 pro and it calls for the pick up and bale eject to run in float. I thought that might be what they are for but the tabs do not stay out. I did wash and clean everything with a power washer and I could see threw the radiator.
  8. This was my first haying season with all new to me equipment . When I felt the rear end axle housing of my 1086 it was hot enough that I could not keep my hand on it for more than 3 seconds or so. The Hydro oil level is were it needs to be. I just thought is this too hot? Its running a 1431 NH. 1000 PTO with 3 remotes being used. My only other problem is that I cannot keep the remote spool leavers in float for my baler. What are the pull out tabs when you push them all the way forward for. I would assume the float would have a detent to hold them?
  9. Andejo

    1086 Lube light will not come on with clutch

    Started the 1086 up today and ran it for 35 min with a temp at 16 deg F. It idled and drove about 300 yards. When I got in to move it I pushed in the clutch for 2 seconds and the lube light comes on and drops out just before the tractor moves. I have never been able to get it to come on other then when the tractor fires up. The hydro fluid is cold so that is the only thing different. Any thoughts?
  10. Andejo

    1086 Lube light will not come on with clutch

    Yes the bulb works, I see it come on when I start the tractor and its on for a few seconds.
  11. Andejo

    1086 Lube light will not come on with clutch

    I do have the owners manual and followed it to the end and I did all the steps that you mentioned. The 3/8 to 1/2" of shinny metal from painted area I did not understand. I am assuming the dump valve rod is the shiny area? I set the 90 deg with a square. I will recheck. I will say that I found nothing out of adjustment according to the manual. Just could not get the lube light to come on. Thanks
  12. Hello, I have a 1979 1086. I have only owned it for 1 1/2 years. I have been reading all the post about the Lube light. I bought a Manual and followed it, as well as the comments here on the form and had no luck. When I start the tractor my lube light is on for a few seconds and then drops out. I tried to set the clutch and the dump valve and could not get the lube light to come on. I did adjust the dump valve to were hydo fluid leaks out so I backed it off to the point the were the adjustment rod nut is loose but it looks like there is about an 1/8 to 1/4 in of shiny rod at the dump valve hanging out. With no light I set the dump valve so that when I let the clutch out the tractor does not jump a second or so after the clutch is been released and it is already moving. I did replace the sending unit and had no change. I am stuck, anybody have a suggestion? Thanks