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  1. Was looking at 18 inch tri-rib tires. Is the only size in which they come 7.50-18? For 16 inches, you can get unlimited different sizes in tri-rib, but for 18 inches it seems to be limited to 7.50-18
  2. It should be in your mail Josh
  3. It is possible that a not full enough tank causes the aux to not fill up. Gravity. But not on a MD. Both filters are positioned lower than the tank right?
  4. I think BK Diesel sells seal kits for these pumps, at least they did. Central Fuel Injection can rebuild your pump, they don't send parts. Bleeding isn't a problem. Fill up the tank with diesel and start it. While running on gas, partly open the diesel throttle lever and when smoke starts to come out the exhaust, the system should be bled
  5. Do you have 4.4 or 4.5 inch? If 4.5, you can buy a decent used sleeve from a 4.4 and bore it out to 4.5. Should give a really nice sleeve I reckon?
  6. If you sent me your emailadress in pm, I can send it in your email. I can only send pictures via this forum, no documents
  7. I have service manual for these pumps on pdf if you want
  8. There recently was a thread about this. Conclusion was that fitting a truck 466 in a tractor wasnt a really good solution. You basically need to strip halve of the engine to replace the specific truck parts with tractor parts. Internals, I dont know but I would think that they are the same/similar
  9. FP Smith has loads of these things listed for old IH/Dresser dozers. Dont know about availability
  10. Farmall 1466


    Thats nothing. We passed the 2 euro's per litre mark in the Netherlands this week. Thats a little more than 2.30 dollar per litre
  11. Retainers are definetely different. Crank too I think, but I'm not 100% sure. If so, do still check your crank for the version you have, I can imagine that people without the right knowledge have installed neoprene seals on a felt crank and vice versa
  12. Precision tractor parts has original Rochester gauges for the SM. US made. Why would you want a tach?
  13. Can be welded if the crack isn't too large. Saw that on the internet a couple of times with succes.
  14. Get yourself muriatic acid and baking soda. Once the muriatic acid has done its work inside the tank put the baking soda in to neutralize it. Then you can rinse it out
  15. D-361 rebuild kits are plenty on the internet, however it seems most have Reliance as their supplier. Don't know if you should want that. I've heard the 361 are difficult engines to rebuild. But I've also heard and read they become monsters with a good turbo setup. 407 are strong engines too tho There are plenty of more cons and present on both the 361 and the 407. I'm sure there are more members that will tell you more
  16. Good job! You have more balls on these kind of things than I do haha 😂
  17. 180 degrees out of sync? Or wouldn't that allow it to even run
  18. Just Google for DT407 overhaul kits. There are plenty of companies offering kits for it. You'd have to ask them where they source the kits from
  19. You won't feel the difference between 4.4 and 4.485 with just feeling. I don't know how much the bore is allowed to get bigger
  20. I can see them now. Thanks for the fix! Your progress on this is very good
  21. Is the 4.485 the sleeve diameter??? I have no clue about ring thickness, but fitting 4.4 inch rings in an almost 4.5 bore seems a bit too much to me There were crank changes, I dont know about serial breaks etc. Might be in parts book, but don't have that at hand now
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