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  1. I'm in need of a new transmission drive shaft oil seal for my WD9. Part number is 53326D. I can't find any dimensions whatsoever on the internet. Does someone know the dimensions of this oil seal? I could measure the old one, but it was so stuck that I had to beat it out. Figured it would be better if anyone knows Thanks!
  2. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/trump-would-have-won-311-electoral-votes-if-media-wasnt-biased-survey This research is very interesting to read, shows the power that the media has
  3. Pulling the head really isn't difficult. I have a WD-9 myself and pulling the head takes less than an hour (more like half an hour) if you know what you are doing. Pulling the injectors was harder for me, they were very much stuck, used a crowbar and lots of force to get them loose
  4. All these tractors and toys are so well maintained and restored. I heard that this is just the top of the iceberg.. the 5th million IH tractor (1066) will be coming up for auction later if I'm correct.(http://www.girardauction.com/farmall-land-usa-auction.html). It is one of the photo's as well. The guy from who I bought my WD-9 and a friend of him helped Jerry & Joyce to get a lot of the German IH tractors, as we have way more access to these models here in the Netherlands. Is anyone from the forum going to participate in the auctions?
  5. Looks good despite having been in a shed for 30 years. Congrats!
  6. Like J-Mech said, check for power at you starter first. I don't know how your starter is connected, but check if it is grounded properly. We have a 1466 that had a similar problem: started would turn over hard or not at all. Changed batteries and cable, nothing better. Our started was grounded via the frame. In the end, we layed an cable to the battery to ground the starter that way and it worked again. I would also check if the starter itself hasn't died...
  7. I always find it hard to tell the difference, but I have a feeling there is a 1086
  8. Do you happen to be a 966 (guess the 6.8L is the d-414)?
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