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  1. Your welcome for the pics it was a good time . Hot but very awsome day Jerry’s tractor definatley turned my head I’m getting the pic developed into 8 by 10 it’s going on my wall I just loved that tractor it was simply awsome
  2. Hey sledgehammer I posted pics I took for ya on here of plow day me and hubby wes 806 we went got to meet smoked and his awsome Goldie tractor
  3. these are pics from 2020 nw plow day for those who wants to see a few
  4. Thanks mark for an awsome plow day great turn out . Loved meeting smoker and his Goldie . I love going to these. And thanks for all you do to get this set up.
  5. Hey there looking forward to tommorrow wes 806 is my hubby I go by eeyore65 65 on here . I hope to see and meet few of ya plus see some that we did last time hubby and I went . Have safe trip everyone . Hope meet some new friends tommorrow
  6. There sure is some awsome projects on here .
  7. This is cool tractor I like the m tractors pretty cool
  8. Glad to hear he made it through keep updates posted still praying he recovers well eeyore65
  9. So sry to hear this we will pray for you and your family .this is erupted 65 wes 806 wife
  10. Yea that’s hubbys baby and my favorite tractor I love riding on it to with hubby
  11. Eeyore65 and Wes 806 are going to be there this yr we are bringing our own tractor and plow woo hoo . We will be at fort Jennings ohio
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