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  1. I have a 125 with rear spring assist lift will any parts fit on my 1282
  2. Got new rectifier from Amazon no good just ordered one from dealer, no more messing around.
  3. I have 29 volts AC on outside terminals on plug. I get nothing on center terminal.
  4. Just put in new rectifier how do I check if it's charging, checked on battery Sims to be charging volts going up.
  5. Thanks much appreciated mik
  6. I have tractor and engine manuals says check rectifier-regulator where is that on the tractor. I want to check everything before I get to stator. Battery don't have enough charge to engage pto. Help would be appreciated thanks mike.
  7. Thanks very helpful
  8. How do I fill rear tires in my 1872, and what do I use.
  9. Got carb rebuilt idles, full throttle, runs good thanks
  10. Finally got brother-in-laws 125 cleaned it up changed fluids, new coil runs decent but full throttle with deck on can't speed up. Must slow down or it falls flat on its face.
  11. Depending on where you live some townships will require a permit might be better to put on block or timbers.
  12. I have the original raised black cub cadet letters in great shape for the hood. Wondering how to adhere them to the hood, if I can't use them I'll go with the decal.
  13. Thanks I like the power compared to my old crapsman, now I need a decal set.
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