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  1. Hello. I am looking to put a european license plate on c. 1986 - 1996 1/16 scale tractor models and was wondering if anyone was aware of a source for such decals. These would be the long rectangular plates, pre-EU style. Preferably Belgian or Dutch, but not particular.
  2. Thanks both. Jim I'm referencing the rear side mounted by the fuel tank, not the front mounted that I think we're the standard mount on Utilities. I am trying to trace back to factory original, in particular the teardrop buckets. Hence the look at Dietz vs. Guide which my parts diagram says we're the standard for 460s and 560s.
  3. Hello, given the experience on this board with Farmall 460s and 560s, I am trying to determine more about Dietz lights on these tractors as original equipment vs. Guide. My understanding is that Guide lights on 460s/560s had a small "G" in a triangle (point down) in the center of the lens, and the Guide logo in script on the rear of the teardrop bucket, just above the electrical lead, surrounded by "Made in U.S.A.". Dietz on the other hand I am less clear on: A "GE" script or "W" in small circle in the center of the lens and no markings at all on the bucket? The buckets on both Guide and Dietz shallow teardrop-shaped and all red (i.e., no black around the lens at the front of the bucket housing)? Did these characteristics carry over to the Guide and Dietz work/tail lights as well? Would all of one or the other or mixed be common off the factory floor? Were Guide more common than Dietz or vice vera? About the same? Any info you can provide on helping me to distinguish original lights on 460s/560s would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Inquiring as to which makes (e.g., GE, Westinghouse) and/or brands (e.g., TiltRay) of OEM headlamps would have been standard on 1947-49 series KB series trucks. Thanks.
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