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  1. Still looking for a busted or cheap TD-9 starter.
  2. Still looking for cheap/non-working TD9 starter.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Added location to my profile and initial post.
  4. Does anyone have a TD9 starter laying around that is beyond repair? I would like to build a bar starter like KingofObsolete did a while ago. If someone has a bar starter I could borrow for a week or two, that would be fine too. I would pay shipping both ways and reasonable rental fee. I live in North Carolina near Asheville.
  5. It is a power unit the current owner of the yellow TD9 dozer sold to someone years go but that person never picked up the engine. Supposedly he is still alive but certainly does not need the engine desperately. As I patiently wait for my neighbor to join me getting his TD9 series B diagnosed and fixed, I am getting more and more tempted to find out whether the power unit is for sale, in which case I may just make a low-ball offer on the yellow TD9 dozer and deal with its stuck engine and worn tracks. Are you building a rock crawler?
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. The shifter feels like there is something wrong with the forks. I will take some photos after taking the top cover off. Is there a vendor here on this forum who sells the service manual?
  7. Hoping to find another TD9 locally, I looked at a machine today that my neighbor has sitting in the woods. This machine turned out to be a TD9 series B Its has a 6 cylinder diesel (only) engine that turns over and was running two years ago. The low gear started jumping out while running the dozer and my neighbor contacted the local dealer about it. He was told that it is most likely the bearings of the secondary idler shaft and he should drive the dozer home in the higher gears. My neighbor had to clear more trees to get back home and one day, the dozer would stall instead of moving when engaging the clutch. That's were my neighbor left it. In our conversation today my neighbor was wondering whether the PTO winch was left engaged and whether that could have caused the dozer to stall. Anyways, we decided that I will take the top cover off the transmission to see what the issue is. My neighbor is a farmer and right now needs every minute to plow and seed. He also wants to keep the machine but would let me use it once it is running. If the dozer is fixable, I will repair it in the woods and in exchange for my time invested I will use the machine to do the work I need done on my property. The machine is well worn but it should be able to live trough my road grading job. I have a backhoe and explosives (under ATF license) for stubborn stumps and rocks. What tools should I bring and are there any tricks to get access to the transmission gears, shafts and bearings for inspection? Also, any pictures of the pertinent maintenance/repair procedures recommended by IH would be helpful.
  8. I looked today at the dozer that my neighbor has sitting in the woods. It is a TD9 series B, so my idea of getting two TD9 gas/diesel dozers to make one working machine is dead for now. Are the drive sprockets and tracks the same on the TD9 and TB9B? Does anyone know about a project TD9 or T9 for sale somewhere in Western North Carolina? PS: I am going to start another thread for the issues with the TD9 series B dozer.
  9. With 4 wheel drive and air lockers on both axles the Unimog will go pretty far - until the ground can no longer support the weight. Then, it's time for the backhoe to pry it out of the muck. Thanks for the suggestion; I will keep my eyes open for newer models. There is a running TD8 in your neck of the woods but 15k is way over my budget for a machine that does not make money as a business. Also, I forgot that there is a stationary engine sitting around locally that is the same model than the one in the TD9. My hope is to find enough "basket" cases locally to get the parts I need to get and keep one TD9 running for a couple of years. I have enough hydraulic cylinders, pumps, and valves laying around to add a power tilt to one of the TD9 blades. This may not move the blade while pushing but at least I can change the side slope while staying on the machine.
  10. Hello everyone from a new member. My screen name is derived from a FLU419 SEE that is currently my most effective earth mover. It is essentially a Case 580 backhoe and a front loader mounted on a roadworthy Mercedes Unimog chassis that can travel on pavement at about 45mph if necessary. In addition to the front and rear implements it has a hydraulic tool circuit (the hose reel between hydraulic tank and cooler) that can power a chainsaw, jack hammer, rock drill, impact wrench, sump pump, pole pruner, and many other Stanley hydraulic tools. The FLU419 is great for digging holes, moving dirt from one place to another, clearing trees, etc. I built a logging winch that goes in place of the front loader for bigger trees and at some point I will built a three point hitch for brush hogging and plowing. The Unimog is by design a very versatile machine . ("Unimog" is the German portmanteau for "Universelles Motorger├Ąt" = universal motorized device). However it is not the right tool for establishing or improving roads and driveways since the loader bucket cannot change the side slope like a 6 way blade. My Case 1840 skid steer with regular bucket also suffers from the same limitation. So far, I have gotten by with using the backhoe to change the grade and then back dragging with the bucket but this is a tedious process and the 16,000 lbs of the FLU419 resting on 4 tires will leave pretty serious ruts in disturbed soil. (If it were not for the high ground pressure, I would built a 6 way blade for the Unimog.) After getting some $$$ quotes for putting in a new driveway at our property, I decided to look for a dozer that I can afford to keep sitting around for my own needs. I know that many people suggest to just pay a contractor and not get into a machinery project but buying both the skid loader and the FLU419 has convinced my otherwise. Neither machine was running and usable when I got it and today I do not know how my life could continue without either one. I also thought that I never would need a lathe, mill, welder, press, etc. but now there is hardly a week where one of these tools does not save the day. I have been lurking on this forum after running across a TD9 with a Bucyrus Erie blade. When I first looked at the machine and saw injectors AND spark plugs on the same block (not a pony) I was dumbfounded but a few minutes on this site resolved the mystery. A closer inspection revealed that the tracks and sprockets are pretty worn and the engine is stuck even though the machine was stored under a roof. I was ready to walk away from this project but when I mentioned my frustration to a friend, he alerted me to a neighbor having another TD9 sitting around that needs the bearings of the secondary transmission shaft replaced. This machine supposedly has decent tracks and the engine is supposed to be free. I will try to confirm this in the next few days. Now, I am tempted to get both machines, assuming that both owners would sell for scrap value, and cobble them together to one working dozer plus parts. If I go that route I plan to turn over the engine of the TD9 with the failed gearbox, maybe even try to get the engine running, and then pull it out of the dozer - with the help of the FLU419. That should create plenty of space to work on the TD9 gearbox. As far as I could gather from this site, the gearbox could be repaired with the engine left in place after removing the clutch but there is a chance that the gearbox is beyond repair in which case the engine will go into the TD9 with the stuck engine. Of course there will be stuck steering clutches and other surprises but between the two machines I should have enough chances to get a running machine together. Any suggestions on what to look for and consider before getting into this madness?
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