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  1. Alright guys, finally got back to the 5088. Remotes seemed to work, did as advised and didn't see much difference in 3 point. Went back out today and they would raise and lower on command. Probably ran it up and down 20 or 30 times.... haven't tried it with a load on but will be tomorrow. I didn't fool with the linkage or the draft linkage at all. Is it possible I had something caught up in the system that broke through? Again appreciate any thoughts, I'm pretty worthless when it comes to hydraulics.
  2. Ah thank you gentlemen. I'll give it a shot once the weather breaks. Just curious, if the remotes don't work what are your thoughts?
  3. When testing the aux remotes, do I need to have a certain pressure or can I field test them on an implement? Problem being, don't have the tools (pressure gauges). It may be time to bite the bullet and call a mechanic.
  4. They will drop over night, or longer, when the tractor is shut down. If it were the piston seal, how big of a job is that to tackle?
  5. Hey guys, recently bought a very well maintained 5088, but I've run into issues with the 3 point hitch. Originally when I bought it the 3pt seemed to work fine. (Went up and down as expected with controls.)It has the claw style lower arms so I had to order the link balls for it, when they finally came in I hooked up to the bale spike and was going to move a few round bales. Long story short, it lifted the spike fine, but once I dropped it to back into the bale it wouldn't pick it up. So...unhooked the spike took it to house to see if I could figure it out. Now, it will lift the arms when I fir
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