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  1. 515 wheelin


    how much do u want for the the rods and crank
  2. What are you asking for it?
  3. Mine would be a 806 international with a post pounder mounted on it bought for 3000$ and motor would not start and blow oil everywhere. Took post pounder off and sold for 500$ at an auction.
  4. Just had our D358 throw a rod, put a nice hole the size of a fist in block above oil pan. Was wondering if anyone has a replacement block or knew where to get one. Thanks
  5. Prayers from Montana Hope he gets well soon.
  6. 515 wheelin


    Just had our D358 throw a rod and was wondering if anyone knows where I could find one. It is For a international 515 wheel loader. Thank you 515 Wheelin
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