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  1. After having my Zenith carb rebuilt not once but three times, it still floods and runs poorly, I coughed up the money for a new carb. First thing I notice is the choke linkage is on the wrong side, this I might be able to work round, but the throttle linkage is different and the Mechano set of linkage they give you don't look the same. I would like to transfer my old linkage but I am not sure if it connected by allen set screw or hollow roll pin to the throttle plate shaft. Anyone know for sure? Also the old carb had a tube that lies above the choke butterfly but the new one does not, this appears to be pressed in, there is a hole n the new carb, do I have to transfer this tube?
  2. After many tries, I finally found a match, it is a 14 with o ring, that usually is used on Fords. Now I just have to get all the leaks tightened up.
  3. I have nearly got my loader on my IH 504 but am lacking just the fitting to hook my supply line to the control valve stand. These pictures show the valve mounted on my IH 2001 loader and the second shows the hole in which I need to connect. Next to it is a 1 inch nipple and reducer to a 1/2 inch hose, but the open port is smaller than 1 inch but bigger than 3/4. What am I looking for? These holes are NPS thread.
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