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  1. Had similar problem on my F20 with it being stuck. If you want to make your life a lot easier go to: https://www.riceequipmentinc.com/store/index.php and order a new wing bolt, copper ring, gasket, and clamp for inside the radiator(if the website acts funny just call they are great to work with). It will make life a lot easier and it will be good for a long time. Did this after I got mine open and I would do it again if I get another one.
  2. Not sure on 24V but if looks aren’t a big deal amazon is where we get extra lights 12v led lights for our combine. They work great for that and for general extra light that may be damaged and won’t break the bank.
  3. Has anyone used these or had any experience with them?
  4. Does anyone know of any good led options for the older tractors especially ones on a 6v positive ground setup? We aren’t planning to switch them over to 12v but a little more light when we’re working at night would be nice.
  5. Does anyone know what this is? Took the head of to address a low compression problem and saw this not entirely sure what it is. It is in a coolant port but unsure beyond that.
  6. The tarter ones are definitely not top of line but work well for the small guy. They can handle most animals as I had a 1500 lb pregnant cow in there entry level chute it was snug but she fit. It doesn’t help either that heavily used ones go for 80-90% of new price and junk goes for 50% of new and they all sell within a week.
  7. Had the radiator core blow a leak about a month ago. Starting to take it apart to repair it but the bolts that thread in to to top tank do not want to break free and the heads are soft and want to start rounding. The bolts with exposed nuts I could probably cut in order to remove them but the ones threaded in will cause problems. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a set of tanks in decent shape that doesn’t have a lot of bolts sheared off in it?
  8. Slight variations in tires and setup can affect this too. Not sure if you tried asking seller if you’re purchasing it or someone who’s close by to check it out for you as that will be the closest possible measurement and then just give yourself a cushion in case there off a little. There’s nothing more frustrating than stuff not fitting or being a pain to load when you’re away from home.
  9. A B and BN are the same tractor with different rear tread widths. I believe that it was B- 36/38” rows with close to 8’ overall width on outside of tires BN-30” rows between 6’ and 7’ overall width on outside of tires
  10. Not positive but I’m guessing that’s the one I saw sell it had 90% on the tires and was an original tractor that would get your attention. At most it was $500 dollars off of what you say.
  11. If you turn the diesel on but not switch it over completely it will also help prime the system. It will smoke but hasn’t failed me yet but try to get most of the air out by bleeding different places first.
  12. Also check if cables and connections are clean and in good shape. Bad grounds or cables can cause weird things to happen sometimes
  13. Putnam County half hour north of Lima and west of Findlay
  14. It wasn’t all red a few AC’s and Oliver’s but no ugly green ones.
  15. Do you have pictures of the tractors as h’s can very widely in components and setup? Is there a starter button on either one or is it the rod running to the starter style? Have you tried to run the starters out side of the tractor on a good battery?
  16. NW Ohio right around 80 and sunny took about four hours for the drive and the stops.
  17. A few pictures from the drone footage that I took. They had 30+ tractors from only local guys. Quite a few golf carts and side by sides along with just a few cars to help with traffic.
  18. Any of you reuse or find new uses for 710/720 (or similar size and age) plow frames other than as parts plow? A lot are being sold in the area and relatively cheap because everyone that wants one already has one
  19. First off tractor starts and runs good when watching where throttle is set at (may have to adjust slightly once this problem is fixed) Current situation -At low throttle (“bottom” notch) it is around 710 rpms -in middle notches it is around 1500-1580 depending on exact spot -two or three notches higher is 1750+ (only for short time when we were trying to find the rpms at certain settings) I know I can use the set screws in the governor to limit the rpms but we would like to be able make smaller adjustments and not have a small amount of travel in the throttle handle It used to not be able to stay running below 900-950 rpms now it easily will stay running at 710/720 so we have made progress but still not enough or where we want it Current linkage position in low throttle (used to cam over-center (to where screwdriver tip is) and that didn’t seem quite right to us so we adjusted it to compensate) “High” throttle setting spring on right side is bottomed out any suggestions or places to start otherwise I’m going to keep slowly adjusting and playing with it until something starts to help
  20. I don’t think there’s direct harm health wise but as it is maturing and pushing out a head I didn’t know if it was detrimental or nutrition wise not helpful to a bred cow or other cattle for that matter. These cows are on hay diet along with being on the fresh wheat (just starting to head out) (finished fence less than 2 weeks ago) They may search for fresh green at the bottom but I think that they may get a sweet tooth for the head/grain as it matures
  21. We are starting a small pasture for a few breeding cows and put wheat in it last fall after beans to get something started. It has been top dressed with some clover and grass which are coming in nicely but the wheat got tall before the fence was finished. The wheat is tall and the cows weren’t able to thin it enough so we are planning to run the combine and probably baler through to take the excess off but my question is how long can cows be on mature wheat before it becomes harmful to them?
  22. Does it start back up within five minutes or do you have to wait a few hours for it to start Try turning the fuel off, pulling the bowl off the carb, turn the fuel on and play with the float to see if the needle valve is letting enough fuel in or if it is sticking (put a cool whip bowl on the frame rail to catch the fuel)
  23. 1.50-2.00 per board foot depending on thickness and length is what the local mills were a month or two ago
  24. We also use an 856 open station on it
  25. We love ours and they still make them so it makes finding parts pretty easy
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