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  1. 1.50-2.00 per board foot depending on thickness and length is what the local mills were a month or two ago
  2. We also use an 856 open station on it
  3. We love ours and they still make them so it makes finding parts pretty easy
  4. Sounds similar to something that happened to our 986 two years ago it was something with the TA I will have to ask grandpa about it because I don’t remember exactly what broke and how it was identified but it was the first time he had seen a failure like this and he’s worked on them for 30+ years
  5. Not sure why but that is the low point coolant drain on the block. It might be there to make it easier to drain the coolant from one point. It looks like it ties in to the drain for the radiator which is a good idea because that plug can be a pain and it tends to cover everything in coolant. It is probably from when people would use just water and had to drain it often thus being easier since it was all collected at one point
  6. I’m still in the early learning phase but the big thing is that what and how you feed can turn a $800 heifer into your best cow and it can also turn a $4000 heifer into a cow that struggles to calve and looks horrible.
  7. Northwest Ohio 30 min north of I75 and Ohio 30 intersection
  8. Saw this idea somewhere and planning on doing it whenever we rewire the unloading augers so we don’t need a cord this is what I plan to do on one or two of them is to put up led flood lights on a switch and mount them to a plate on a pipe attached to the bin with some sort of handle to be able to rotate or direct slightly to exactly where you want it
  9. Well just took it off today it put a 3/16 hole in the boot that connects to the heater and had a 2 to 4 inch flame coming out of it (I didn’t see it but who did does not tend to over glorify things).
  10. Teflon tape usually works for those as long as it is completely dry. When the fitting won’t dry completely I use Tru Blu it comes in a tube and it seems to work good so far
  11. Make sure that you are using heavy enough cords and inspect the tractor plug also. We had one start to smolder and flame slightly on the 856 (tractor side not extension cord) last night someone caught it early and all is fine but it is something that you can’t be careful enough about.
  12. I know it’s the wrong color but I know that there are experts on most tractors here. I have a family member with a 180 that asked for some help with the clutch replacement and possibly rearend work. The clutch is about nonexistent and needs replaced. It also jumps out of certain gears not sure which off hand. 1. Would a clutch kit from agkits (or similar supplier) contain all the needed parts and possible seals needed to replace the clutch? 2. Is there anything extra to replace or do when it is split for the clutch? 3. Has anyone worked on these rearends and are they e
  13. I’ve always heard it as Can’t drink all day if you don’t start right away
  14. When we were in Dunham’s (sporting goods store) a few years ago dad found some cheap $30-$50 a pair insulated steel toe muck boots (were listed as hunting boots). They are by no means the best or most comfortable boot but they have held up well. I don’t use them as much as some of you but muck boots are one thing we usually spend less on because they aren’t used as much as work boots I would not rule out a cheaper set of boots especially if you depend on them being waterproof because it doesn’t always take much to cause a leak in them
  15. Mostly stacking by hand and it is usually family members who can stack a wagon tight. However we will sometimes get help doing straw from someone with an accumulator. I’m just trying to get some ideas on what others have done or seen to have an overall better wagon. For the lumber prices being high it depends on the place. The local sawmill hadn’t changed price as of late fall for rough sawn boards but the lumber yard in town wants an arm and leg for everything.
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