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  1. Should have some pictures coming from the drone of the combine running at sunset. They were great from the phone preview but I haven’t downloaded them yet.
  2. That is one thing that is different kids don’t work and you can’t get them to do anything, so they use engery on bullying.
  3. It was great to be outside watching it. Things like this is why I’m never going to live in town and I’m sure many agree with me.
  4. Putnam county OH we had a 30 acre field of beans average about 50 and it is on some of our better ground.
  5. The plugs are autolite 3077’s (slightly hotter than w18’s but a recommended equivalent). The plugs were shiny and properly gapped when they were installed (less than 5 running hours on them). I also shined up the magneto rotor.
  6. Should be able to do a compression test late week or this weekend.
  7. Over the weekend I finally found time and someone to help me pull start the F20 and it is better than last time. When I had the plugs out last time it was sitting all of them were as black as the tips/ends on #3 (plugs have at most 5 hours on them). It was running for about 20 minutes while we messed with the carb settings then we shut it off and were going to run a pressure test until we saw that we need to make an adapter out of an old plug. No pressure numbers yet but could anybody share thoughts on some of the plugs shining up. Only changes since last time it ran was the witches brew, the carb “rebuild kit”, carb adjustments while running and I didn’t have the muffler on.
  8. We have three of these at work one is less than a year old and they make quick work out of big lots
  9. 7220. It is proven and I’ll take a boxcar over an MX any day of the week
  10. Has anyone had a problem with calves nursing on each other they are about 6 months old and I don’t want it to become a habit. Also is there a way to tell if the teat has been ruined. I think it may be a nutritional deficiency so I got a trace mineral block for them which l was planning to eventually get anyways. If it is due to a deficiency will she stop or will I have to do something else to stop it and what? Any ideas? Thanks in Advance
  11. Where around Jennings is it I have family from there and I am about 20 minutes away? If you don’t mind sharing.
  12. An 856 is always a good all round choice for a mid-size tractor. It is very nimble and well built for the size, find the right loader and you will have a great setup.
  13. The most gun related violence is in the areas that have the most gun regulation because they know that they won’t be opposed by someone who is willing to defend others with a gun for the greater good. Who do people call when they are threatened or in trouble? Someone with a gun because they have the ability to fight back. It is a tool and our right to have access to. It is NOT a privilege to be taken away in order to make someone else feel warm and fuzzy because they don’t agree. They want complete control which won’t come without taking guns away. Because they know that the majority of gun owners won’t let others be controlled or harmed because the majority are good hard working people who want what is best for everyone. The idiots will always find a way to hurt and kill people because they don’t care what the law says. Just what I think.
  14. SuperWD9

    Why God?

    We had a family that was in the same boat a year or two ago with their boy and they also have 6 kids. He has since recovered but it was a long slow road to get there.
  15. It is the national motto after all and some people don’t want to accept it just because they don’t like it.
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