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  1. What tractors due you think should have been made but weren’t (to fill in the gaps) and what would they have been equipped like (engine, transmission, other options)?
  2. SuperWD9

    Brass float crack

    What is the best way to solder and what solder and resin is the best to use on an old brass float with hair line cracks.
  3. SuperWD9

    Biiiiiig bird

    About 5 years ago we had two different nests move in 20 to 25 miles apart. Always neat to watch while in the area.
  4. SuperWD9

    Super WD9 questions Here are two videos of the starting controls and how to tell how the fuel levers work.
  5. SuperWD9

    Super WD9 questions

    Here is the seat setup.
  6. SuperWD9

    Super WD9 questions

    Yours may be different but If like ours both gas and diesel must be up to start then (after running for 20-30 seconds when nice above 50 and 1-2 minutes if below) move diesel (right side of steering shaft) down until noise change and throw gas down to bottom limit (left side) move diesel down at this time too. Higher idle push down on diesel and be careful to not pull up to far because it will die. Can get pictures or a video of how it works or how to tell the difference between lever position (on/off or high/low idle) tomorrow morning if you need them. Just let me know.
  7. SuperWD9

    F20 low compression

    Will have to check next time it is running.
  8. SuperWD9

    F20 low compression

    All of the valves move freely. It smokes some and will struggle with an incline in 4 th (3.5 mph). I mainly want it to sound right and not bog down over its own weight. All cylinders have a spark and fuel but some create a noticeable loss in power when the plug wire is removed
  9. SuperWD9

    F20 low compression

    My F20 has very low compression and it does run. Have not put it on a tester but according to a experienced mechanic they have between 20 and 30 psi. Is there anything that tends to go bad or what should I look for?
  10. SuperWD9

    Looking for

    Try this one SE Michigan
  11. SuperWD9

    F-20 Road Gear

    It is a 39 and it has the standard transmission (no road gear). kracked1 I am in northwest Ohio and I would be interested if it is complete (everything need to install it)and in good condition.
  12. SuperWD9

    F-20 Road Gear

    I recently bought an F-20 with an older restoration and I would like to put a road gear in it for little rides. Any recommendations on which style to add and how much is one worth? Does anyone know of a place to get one or the best place to find one is?
  13. SuperWD9

    Unexpected helper

    I had a mouse fall on to me while I was trying to pull the overhead door shut and I jumped a little while the others started to laugh at me cause they thought that it was funny
  14. SuperWD9

    1456 Fenders

    Would any have a set of original fenders on here that would be interested in a partial trade for the cab? If we decide to sell it.
  15. SuperWD9

    1456 Fenders

    Looking to replace the cab off our 1456 with fenders any help in locating a used set or where to get new ones would be great. Do they match the fenders of another tractor by chance. I know they are hard to find you don't need to tell me that!