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  1. Disk chiseled 30 acres in north west Ohio last Saturday the 13th It was borderline dry enough but it is way too wet to do anything now.
  2. If only it was still that price. But still a cool piece.
  3. This is what we use on the narrow fronts but you don’t want to use it on ones with power steering. The tow bar is about 5 foot long and 2 1/2 inch square tube. The holes are 3 3/4 inch apart to the centers and I believe that those are 5/8 by 2 1/2 grade 8 bolts with lock washer and flat washer on the bottom ( won’t fit on top due to clearance issues) the nut has to be on top. If you need more information let me know but be careful with pulling it on the road use an smv and truck flashers. Like sandhiller said it is like a hopper wagon but it will bounce if you go to fast usually you can’t go much more than 20-25 mph.
  4. Probably trying to appeal to those who voted trump in 2016
  5. By biggest thing is the rust. Where are the worst spots to check on the frame. It will be coming apart and the frame will get a proper cleaning and coating if I end up buying it. Along with possible frame repairs but would prefer to not mess with the frame if I don’t have to.
  6. Flyer said that he did or had the fiberglass work done(not positive which) did not think about looking at it to verify. The ground was wet and it starting to rain so I was unable to get up close and get a good look at the under side or the side panels but the top did have some rust above the side windows.
  7. Scout II with Rallye package is for sale locally and looking for some in sight. It has been in Ohio it’s whole life so rust on undercarriage and top 250,000+ miles 345 V8 automatic with four wheel drive Runs and all gauges work owner still uses it some fiberglass body except top and doors new fiberglass fuel tank I only stoped really quick and looking for some in sight. Not familiar with these and wondering what is good and bad about them and where to look for the worst rust spots? And about what is one worth don’t need exacts just ballparks? I want to make an educated decision.
  8. SuperWD9

    The Dog Thread

    Well since it is national puppy day and I thought this may be fit we got her this afternoon. Did not plan on getting her on national puppy day just found out when we were picking her up that it was today.
  9. Would the cylinder off a 3000-5000 ford be the same (having the integrated valve)? I can find tons online for sale but not positive. Pictures from on line below. I know there are a few Ford guys on here that might know.
  10. Wanting to put power steering on ours to but can’t find anything that we can justify the cost to. We have live hydraulics to piggyback off of(we are able to fabricate the brackets needed), but to make a system ourselves we either need to find just a cylinder with the integrated valve or a valve that will make any run of the mill cylinder work. Could the valve system be replicated out side of the cylinder and with what valve or style? Are their any other tractors besides the w9 series and 600/650 that used this cylinder or one that has a very similar stroke length?
  11. If it has a distributor pump you can use that or a belt drive pump. I am not sure what is special about the cylinder or if is just a standard cylinder. Someone else may know but I have found pictures of the cylinder which have both inlets/outlets at the same end.
  12. Here is the bracket we use on ours and the two ways you can mount it.
  13. Will get a picture when I get home ours have two possible mounting positions and work on h’s and m’s very well.
  14. as tight as possible using both hands use a filter wrench or channel locks to take them off
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