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  1. We were grinding feed last night and all of a sudden the m tried to stall out pulled the choke and it ran fine for the rest of the night. When crap off in the barn it started to leak gas out of carb so shut fuel im thinking that either float or needle valve is stuck part way open would it be this or something else
  2. Red wings here and they hold up longer than anything else I’ve had the key is to find what is comfortable to you and is known to hold up I wear out the back edge of the heel and under part of the toe before tread on the rest is gone so they tend to not last quite as long for me vs others
  3. Last year we went over the stalks with the rolling basket to brake it away from the root ball them took the bar rake over it carrying it slightly so we wouldn’t get a lot of roots or dirt. Then the small square baler came out on the 856 it was a slow ride but worked great and the cattle love them.
  4. Many of them will swing all the way around by hand if raised a little bit and the lift arm with pulleys is usually similar to a truck receiver but can be pinned or mounted on either side
  5. Just put a radiator from northern radiator through shoup in our super h and other ran hoods being extra snug it seems to be pretty good
  6. Does anyone know what the distance between the washer and face is supposed to be on a 2166
  7. If there was any flow downward he would have been pulled down. Walking/climbing on dry grain is similar to quicksand the more you move and struggle the deeper you will go. grain and grain bins are nothing to mess with everything must be off and always use the buddy system even when just running the bin sweep and cleaning the corners out
  8. Anyone know how or what the secret is to getting these off? The tire leaks and we can’t find the problem with this on there
  9. Thanks I’ll be watching for it and payment will be on the way when it arrives. No matter what some people say about those on here this is the most helpful and knowledgeable group ever.
  10. Points and condenser here to. I have had good luck with a family owned auto parts store in town that carries car quest parts. Try to find somewhere like this near you it might be be slightly more expensive but this is what we do and it works great.
  11. That takes some skill and is still probably straighter and more consistent than the “smart” tractors can do today. I think that we have gone backwards in some aspects especially skill
  12. Found a model D for sale and I’m interested mainly because it is rare and different. What can anyone tell me about these it is in rough shape and needs lots of help. How are the Hercules engines in these and how hard is it to get parts? Any other info on these would be nice. Thanks in advance
  13. Getting anything for something older than an 06 series is just about a joke unless it is an oil filter and oil none of them want to deal with or know anything about the older tractors. About 7 years ago it was 100 times better but it has been bought out and the knowledgeable parts guys are gone along with the older parts.
  14. This is something many people don’t take seriously but it has been the cause of many problems over the years
  15. I need help finding where I can get one of these for the fan pulley. Steiner doesn’t have any and I am unsure where to find one ours is completely stripped if I can’t find one I will have to make one.
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