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  1. Thanks for sharing hoping I can come
  2. Only time will tell and hopefully it doesn’t hit too many more people it has caused enough problems the way it is
  3. I am about 20 minutes from Continental and now homier and sons is the only dealership in that town they do mainly mowers and new holland I do not know if there is any connection with the one you and talking about.
  4. He is probably referring to a Super C. I would have to look but I believe that the Super C’s had “SC” in part of the model number. I al most positive that the C and Super C had the same fenders but I don’t know about other models but someone on here will know for sure.
  5. Is there a difference between the two and what does a correct one look like? We have one that is barely too small rubs on the fan of our Super H. We need to put one on both a Super and regular. Where is the best place to find one that will fit properly and still in good shape?
  6. We are finally tackling this project and most of the voices have agreed that we would rather have fenders on our 1456. Where is the best place to get fenders and is the platform different or do we need anything special to switch it over? What are the options for some sort of sun shade if we were to eventually want something? Would anyone be interested in the cab if we were to get rid of it we are in northwest Ohio.
  7. SuperWD9


    There is a thread for several other animals so I figured why not another one for your chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and other farm birds. post pictures of your birds and where you and anything to do with them we just got a fresh batch of egg layer chicks in today and hopefully I can get a picture up soon
  8. What do you use for paint booth or area? Wanting to make something that can be disassembled to save room and something that won’t get over spray on the floor or walls. What do you guys use for spray guns I would like something that does a good job nice even coats (possibly a few tractors in the future), can handle most paints, and won’t break the bank.
  9. I know that it can be towed home but if I can I would rather put it on a trailer. Then I don’t have to worry about it hanging over to far one way either. Is there anything to watch out for on these?
  10. Would anyone be able to tell me the width outside of tire to outside of tire? Still not sure what I am going to do yet I have to talk with the others first
  11. Is there anything to watch for on a 990 with 9’ cutting width. It has one steel and one rubber roller. Wanting something cheaper and reliable to use probably 50-60 acres at most per year 10-20 per cutting.
  12. SuperWD9

    Gun Storage

    This would be for at home for a quick grab especially if in a rush for whatever reason or for overnight storage for a farm gun that way I don’t always have to go into the safe but it is near by. I like the biometric scanners but that is not really what I am looking for at the moment. It would mostly be for something larger than a hand gun but still want quick access to without having to run to the safe or it being obviously visible in plain sight for every one to see.
  13. SuperWD9

    Gun Storage

    Do any of you use/have/made a secret gun storage piece of furniture for concealing in plain sight. Like a bench, shelf, bookcase, or dresser. If you are willing to show pictures that is great but don’t feel that you are required to do so if you want to keep your setup a secret. I am thinking of doing something not sure exactly how or what but looking for ideas or ways to do it. I want to have some sort of latch or mechanism so someone can’t unknowingly accidentally open it.
  14. So that will push it back down but does it push back up somehow too? i will have to look at mine this weekend when I get a chance
  15. Bump I am sure someone on here knows something that could help. Even just an explanation or schematic because I can’t find anything online.
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