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  1. I’ve always heard it as Can’t drink all day if you don’t start right away
  2. When we were in Dunham’s (sporting goods store) a few years ago dad found some cheap $30-$50 a pair insulated steel toe muck boots (were listed as hunting boots). They are by no means the best or most comfortable boot but they have held up well. I don’t use them as much as some of you but muck boots are one thing we usually spend less on because they aren’t used as much as work boots I would not rule out a cheaper set of boots especially if you depend on them being waterproof because it doesn’t always take much to cause a leak in them
  3. Mostly stacking by hand and it is usually family members who can stack a wagon tight. However we will sometimes get help doing straw from someone with an accumulator. I’m just trying to get some ideas on what others have done or seen to have an overall better wagon. For the lumber prices being high it depends on the place. The local sawmill hadn’t changed price as of late fall for rough sawn boards but the lumber yard in town wants an arm and leg for everything.
  4. Ours would be a flat rack that is hopefully removable as we use the wagons for more than just baling. It would mostly be for small squares but it might be used for rounds or big squares on a very rare occasion
  5. Probably going to be rebuilding a hay wagon this winter (tires paint deck and gate) and wondering what everyone else is doing to make a nice strong and long lasting hay wagon. Anything from designs to durability to best rack and rack holder design. I’m hoping to make one that lasts a long time and that’s better than what we currently have which not bad but could probably be better
  6. What have you done or made with your spare/old/extra tractor parts (other than use them on other tractors)? I’ve seen many different things and I’m looking for a few ideas and inspiration on what I could do with some parts that I have. (Don’t worry no tractor was harmed to get these parts it was parked and parted out over 20 years ago and this is some of what was left when we did a barn clean up this fall.)
  7. I believe the style of seat is shown in the bottom picture pan seat was original and they can flip up with the latch system in the other pictures. I will try to get a few more pictures of the one I have in the shop along with the springs. It is different from the c h and m
  8. MyRadar it is great for the current radar and temp but can take awhile to load.
  9. We have one just like this with separate clamp cylinders on our 1840 it is more of a general purpose one and we use it for everything from moving logs and firewood to tearing down barns and loading junk roof steel in dumpsters. It might not be made for the specific job you have in mind but it will work for many other jobs to. one benefit of large space between teeth is it will cut the yard but not tear up chunks
  10. 20-30 depending on the seller, year and size most guys around here do enough for themselves and maybe a few neighbors so there’s not usually a lot for sale in the area
  11. We were grinding feed last night and all of a sudden the m tried to stall out pulled the choke and it ran fine for the rest of the night. When crap off in the barn it started to leak gas out of carb so shut fuel im thinking that either float or needle valve is stuck part way open would it be this or something else
  12. Red wings here and they hold up longer than anything else I’ve had the key is to find what is comfortable to you and is known to hold up I wear out the back edge of the heel and under part of the toe before tread on the rest is gone so they tend to not last quite as long for me vs others
  13. Last year we went over the stalks with the rolling basket to brake it away from the root ball them took the bar rake over it carrying it slightly so we wouldn’t get a lot of roots or dirt. Then the small square baler came out on the 856 it was a slow ride but worked great and the cattle love them.
  14. Many of them will swing all the way around by hand if raised a little bit and the lift arm with pulleys is usually similar to a truck receiver but can be pinned or mounted on either side
  15. Just put a radiator from northern radiator through shoup in our super h and other ran hoods being extra snug it seems to be pretty good
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