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    c200 gas rebuild

    I'm Signed out! Goodbye!
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    I'm Signed out! Goodbye!
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    Chaining up blades

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    So many times, I've gone out to the woods and found where people have shot the crap out of television sets, bottles, cans, you name it, then leave all their crap behind including the shell casings. It sucks. You go out to the woods to get away from it all, and stumble on to human pollution there too! Whenever I go shooting, which isn't very often, I always clean up. It's the ignorant "Red Neck" mentality that ruins it for everyone I swear it. It sucks. By the way, I gave you a "LIKE"!
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    Daaaaang! You got the goods! Love those Savage model 99s! One day I'll end up with one. You put a lot of Americans to shame. Nice collection. Oh, and by the way.... You Suck! (laughing)
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    Chaining up blades

    I'm Signed out! Goodbye!
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    If you started having more and more truck bombings, say....... on a daily basis, I think people would start getting leery of it, and calling for a discussion about it, and ultimately some action. I think that a lot of people are beginning to feel that way about guns, especially the sort that cause mass casualties in the hands of idiots. You used to be able to purchase dynamite and fully automatic firearms and as we all know, you can't easily get them now. I don't have the answers myself, but I have to admit that something needs to be done, and in my eyes, arming teachers seems a bit extreme, but this could be the generation I come out of. All I can say is that I think that future generations really are going to be dealing with an entirely different world than we grew up in. I'm glad that I grew up when I did and...... am out of the loop as far being able to really make a difference.
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    .........And the word pis s es me off is blocked out? No kidding.
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    Right on We see eye to eye in many regards here. I avoid with an absolute passion, American corporations products that are produced in China or India. For me, it ****** me off that these companies such as Milwaukee for instance, that shipped all the jobs from here, to China, then bring the stuff back here to sell to us, well, you already know............
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    Not to point a finger at the hypocrisy, because it IS out there and it's hard to verify on the web but do you go out of your way to buy American made products? I ask because I've found a lot of Nationalists who tout supporting the country while defending buying Chinese made products from American corporations right here in America. Not to start an argument, but I don't get that one myself.
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    I'm just saying that not too many years ago, you never heard about school teachers being armed, or people having to pack guns at church. In fact, I remember taking my dads bullets to school at 8 years old and passing them out to my friends. The teacher was curious what I was handing out and never thought anything of it. In junior high, my school raffled off a Ruger 10-22! So things have no doubt changed is all I'm saying.
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    This is the way I kind of feel about the bat crap crazy repubs! (laughing) No dis respecting but that's about the most ignorant line of thinking imaginable. I'm a democrat. I'm not even close to being a communist. Not even close. Maybe it's just me, but I think that this line of thinking on both sides is the main reason this country is so F'ed up. Just because someone doesn't align with YOUR beliefs, doesn't make them bad. That's just bat crap crazy thinking. Sorry, I know I'm in the lions den here, and maybe I don't belong here, but there are lots of good folks out there that want this country of ours to succeed and move ahead, regardless of their beliefs. I'm one of them.
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    I agree. It was more of a way of life then, because of so many folks living in the wilderness, hostile Indian's and everyday back then, was hunting season, since stores weren't as readily available. There really is no record of mass school shootings, or mass shootings for the sake of killing like we have today. I think the mentality has changed slightly. I just simply don't remember people packing guns out in plain sight as a kid growing up. Myself, I get a bit nervous when I go to a restaurant, or a grocery store, and someone walks in with a weapon on them out in the open. I could tell you a story but I'll holster it! ( pun intended)
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    I just think it's a real statement about our society when everyone has to pack guns everywhere.
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    School shooting update...