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  1. thanks for replies. found the problem when installed years ago they used a scotch lock connecter to tap into the clean grain sensor wire. took panel off side of cab and soon as i seen that knew i had found my problem. them stupid things should be outlawed all they do is cause problems.
  2. have 1660 with ag leader pf 3000 yield monitor. it powers up fine but doesnt read any functions when combineing. like the monitor doesnt think we are combineing. happened when changing fields shut it down traveled a few miles to next field. it powered up fine but just shows 0 in all functions. does anybody know what tells the monitor to start working? only function working is cut height.
  3. if you put much air pressure on lube tube the baffle is definetely bad now dont take much air pressure to mess them up. hope this isnt the case. block lube tube off then put back together see what pressures are then.
  4. take a close look at the spring for friction adjustment. have had them stick to the big washer and sorta wind up when at wide open throttle. then they unwind and move lever. if this makes any sense to you. only way i can describe it.
  5. if you buy lawson products the drawer are cheap and the cabinet is usually free. most of there stuff is excellent quality and cheaper than the local farm stores
  6. take linkage and top nut off. pull up on stem if no resistence is felt then little pin is probably broke. comes out bottom plug
  7. a lot of the new guides tend to be made of a softer material than the old ones. have run into this twice in the last few years. both of them where tw ford engines no IH though. also had one that was running high egt for prolonged period of time that wiped out guides.
  8. friend wants to pull his 560 in the 7000 lbs. class. He bought it with turbo on it and it smokes a little. know idea of hp what gear would you guys pull in. im thinking 3rd.
  9. thanks. cant find much on line about it. the ones i find all are diesal powered. have seen where it is a hesston 8100 but not sure
  10. looking at a 8820 self propelled windrower. has a 14 foot auger head and crimper. engine is a slant 6 mopar. just wondering if it would work good in heavy tall grass and alfalfa. and what ballpark value would be decent paint and rubber. sickle drive jack shaft needs replaced it broke where the brg was spinning on shaft and front push bar is bent.
  11. what is the inj. leaking around the seal? just guessing you mean the top dust seal. if so nothing should be leaking there. probably need new inj. sleeve put in head and new copper crush washer. then maybe recheck valve settings
  12. if late model spring 139130c1 spring is used the late model park pawl needs to be installed to. part no. 139141c1. they changed the tooth angle for lighter spring to keep the same holding capacity of park
  13. sounds like a normal day around here.
  14. i must be to old. i hate any manual on the computer or pdf. i like a book in front of me that i can turn the pages on. but then again i cussed micro fiche to
  15. that is a circlip. but before u can do anything with the check poppet the top bolt that holds the valve stack on has to come out. it goes thru poppet body. then tap down lightly on top of body. sometimes oring picks will get behind circlip with a lot of choice words added about the engineer that thought that thing was a good idea to use. ive had some that ive had to drill a small whole in valve to be able to push circlip in to get out. use snap ring when put back together. theres two orings and a backup ring that will need replaced
  16. as stated earlier spacer part no. is 1252474c2. the seal part no. is 1252473c1. but looks like you need a new exhaust housing on your turbo to get a good seal.
  17. something is probably in the compensater on front pump or a signal check valve
  18. taking voltage measurement from ehc box in cab. rock shaft pot set at .01 volt in lower position when in raise position arms go to top of travel and it stays on high pressure. can not adjust linkage in slot to get it off of high press. or any free up travel in arms. this one seems to be baffling me for some reason.
  19. 7140 3 point stays on high pressure when raised. have checked the pots and set correct. moving the arm on the hight pot does"nt change it. draft pots. are bypassed. is next step in hitch valve? tia
  20. i think years ago there must of been a torque chart that listed them plugs at 300 ft. lbs. I get some in the shop that i think they must of had a 10 foot piece of pipe yo tighten them up. have the right square drive sockets but still have had to weld nuts on even a few ive had to drill out
  21. there is a big pin that is in the grooves of shift shaft the interlock mech. is run buy the shift cable top shaft is 1st 2nd bottom shaft is 3rd pull pin and clean the dirt and chaff that is packed in the groove in 3rd shift shaft that wont let pin go all the way into shaft causing it to rub hard on top shaft when going into 3rd
  22. any hy capacity dealers in your area they have one that seems reasonble priced. have never seen theres or used one. i have a old IH setup but would think theres would work fine. forget this idea just checked part availability says out of stock but was $1000
  23. any hy capacity dealers in your area they have one that seems reasonble priced. have never seen theres or used one. i have a old IH setup but would think theres would work fine
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