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  1. if you plan on keeping the tractor a long time p pump conversion will be cheaper in the long run imo
  2. with that far between supports and throwing a pulley on the shaft that is going to put a side load on the shaft there isnt a coupler made to withstand that. u joints will work but with the pulley on there support bearings at each end would be ideal.
  3. with a ujoint on one end and a coupler on the other end of shaft coupler will not be aligned. there will be a lot of vibration and u will eat spiders alot
  4. had a 466 doing that right after a major overhaul. finally traced it down to the freshly rebuilt inj. pump putting a small amount of fuel in oil
  5. thats a hy capacity seat sold several and everyone has been happy with them
  6. loctite 325 is what is used to glue motor magnets when assembled
  7. hy cap. sells direct seat cushion replacement and arm rests. can get cushions in brown but last i checked only black arm rests
  8. i have sets of 6" 8" 10" for 9 bolt. and a set of 12" for 10 bolt
  9. if the dual fits on axle all the way dont really have to worry about dish in daul rim. they make all kinds of different length 9 bolt spacers.
  10. get a 540 generator. then hook up to 1000 rpm pto and run tractor at half throttle
  11. son has a malibu that turned 300,000 . drives to work everyday , put several set of brakes and struts on it. the steering pump and lines get weak and show there ugly head on the coldest day of the year and the windest spot possible to happen. new pump and lines good as new but most of that was probably caused by the wonderful stuff our dot puts on the road in the winter
  12. good machine shops for diesal heads are getting to be few and far between. lost my machinst that done my work for years. been thru 5 different shops since then. still havent found one that understands valve protrusion and spring height.
  13. for return oil there is a 90 degree fitting on right side just in front of filter cover and below remote valves, put a tee in place of 90 that way youre return oil is not aireating youre oil. ithen make sure u get a open center joy stick valve. for supply u can tee into remote valve supply line that way thers nothing hooked to remotes
  14. the squirters where $7.64 in 1985
  15. have a 700 ez flow . had it for yrs. other than normal auger wear check bottom gear box. theres aseal on top that after time will allow water into gear box. easy to replace seal if caught in time. before ruining gear box.
  16. grew up on 856 custom they had grab hole in fender but no right step or grab bar around shifter.
  17. seems to me we use to take heads to be welded to a place in elkhart ia. back in the 80s. remember them stamping # in cover seal area. but has been a long time ago. brains kinda foggy on this
  18. the kit u have doesnt appear to have brake pistons in it. never have used any parts from that supplier so dont know if correct o rings will be in it. at the very least most likely will need hyd. brake pistons
  19. to cure hard to engege and disengage conditions. put 139141c1 park pawl and139130c1 spring in cover. night and day differance on how hard the lever moves. the tooth angle of pawl was changed so it locks in and holds just as good as the heavier spring and old style pawl.
  20. i have a bradford on a dodge. all i can say is its junk in 5 yrs. I will never buy anything that is powder coated again what a joke. they say powder coat is all in the prep. Well they better send somebody to school on how to prep.
  21. danny red fan. that slimy stuff is hard to get rid of. had a customer bring in a 986 that the pinion brgs where out of. it had that nasty stuff clinging to the center and rear housing about a 1/4 inch thick above oil level. ended up removing center section and tearing down. then power washed both sections to get rid of that nasty stuff. needed all new brgs. in center section and rear housing. older guy that takes real good care of equip. and has always run hy tran. dont know what caused the slime but it is no fun to get rid of
  22. almost sounds like the cyl. are seeping past pistons
  23. dont want to hi jack thread but does anybody know where to get stainless or plastic wear strips. for outer dividers just above gathering chains. i have a 1063 with factory poly. dealer couldnt find any
  24. forgot any c series 466 above s# 400,000 would have m&w inline pump in ag applications
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