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  1. drill all the pop rivets out. then gently pry top off. there usually stuck on the bottom part really good. clean bottom off apply new sealer place new top on and put pop rivets with backup washers on bottom side. if you dont have a air riveter or batt. operated one buy the time your done youll wish you did.
  2. firm believer that it doesnt matter what tractor or planter you have. running them off of tractor hyd. is nothing but a costly pain in the butt. put a pto pump on any of them and all the headaches seem to disappear and both tractor and planter are happier
  3. did you replace the seals on both ends of the sleeve
  4. put leds in place of factory lights. give the light bar to local druggy they seem to like them
  5. none around here. their regarded as flying disease carrying rats around here
  6. ive worn custom made insoles for 15 years now. tried all the store bought ones they were a waste of money to me. bit the bullet and payed the money for custom ones made for my feet best thing i ever done
  7. i dont move or twist like i used to so the first thing i due if working under the cab or behind wheels is slide them all the way out or take clear off. usually only 30 min. to due
  8. u do if u want full range of control using the in cab levers.
  9. loosen clamp bolt then rotate lever so it clears
  10. need a flowmeter to set correct. 2gpm in slow position. 25gpm in fast position
  11. muffler removed. 66 series exhaust elbow and sleeve put in its place. hole had to be moved closer to cab for pipe
  12. weld a t strong back to pin. porta power head on both sides of t.
  13. 35 to 55 psi with oil warmed up. the higher the better
  14. hy capacity. genuine dana spicer parts
  15. watch youre fingys the seat likes to bite them from time to tme
  16. new holland in town. 10 miles away. in the 70s there was ih, massey ferguson, john deere and ford in town. 10 miles the other direction was ih, mm/oliver/white, and ac.
  17. if the housing and gear sets are good accurate hydraulics in des moines got me the wear plates and sealing pak for me . although it was probably 10+ years ago. had to make the thrust plates and lap a few thousandths off of body to get back in spec.
  18. south central iowa. shipping would probably be $$$
  19. hesston built case ih swathers used them. i need 2 of them mine are weather checked real bad going to get new ones before haying starts if i can find any
  20. have run white planters for years. double disc openers will due anything u want them to. i would get the heavy down pressure springs. their adjustable so they work in any conditions. if u have the double rubber closing wheels thats where u need to spend youre money for improvements. they are a joke. can run 1 spike tooth closing wheel and 1 rubber closing wheel with drag chain. better yet the origional white single closing wheel with the small furrow closer run at a slight angle works the best.
  21. the line on side of seat control valve is supply. the line on bottom of valve is return
  22. typical reliance answer. its never their fault.
  23. put a heavy black pipe nipple in place of grease zerk. hook up yo a good porta power pump. makes a mess but has always worked for me.
  24. mine gave me a discount for the steel roof
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