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  1. growing up a neighbor had a 806 with m&w turbo on it. it ran really good. he bought a 210 allis the 806 would out work it on the same disc. the main reason was the 210 didnt have a gear where it needed one. either to fast and not enough power or way slow.
  2. absolutely despise net wrap and plastic twine. the hay i put up gets sisal twine on bales. bought hay has net or plastic takes three times as long to remove especially if frozen snow or rain on them.
  3. that must be the same school that the brown delivery truck drivers go to
  4. if the big three get back to u on that maybe u could send a letter to harley davidson they seem to have the same problem. also harley must not put a idle circuit in there carbs. or computers. seems like riders have to keep twisting the throttle to keep them running at stop lights and signs
  5. there is no switch on the range side. speed is the only thing the sentry controls. high and low clutch press. is monitored by sentry. anything below 9 volts will really mess with electronics
  6. my one and only experiance with after market dist. customer got one from allstate i installed it it didnt put any advance in timing called them customer took that one back and got another one. this one put 25 degrees of timing in at wot. but thats where it stayed when going back to idle. in my opion ther complete junk. oh yeah they come with a little sticker on them that says warranty void if removed. taped between housing and cap. how are u supposed to time dist. on install without removing cap to see rotor?
  7. h3 code is the performance code for hitch solenoid f codes have priority over h codes i would check voltage to solenoid
  8. f3 code is solenoid on hitch valve could be wiring or solenoid bad
  9. if its a a&i pump with a plastic impellar dont waste your time putting it on. neighbor put one on his little deere tractor 2 weeks later impeller came off tractor got hot. got pump replaced 2nd pump did same thing in a month but this time a young kid was bush hogging with it. cost him a good chunk of change after i overhauled it.
  10. salt for the roads wasnt doing enough damage to vehicles. so the dot decided to go with a brine that has calcium chloride in it then spray it on roads
  11. the circlip on the sunshaft locks it into the u joint knuckle. the axle shaft has a pressed on brg retainer that holds brg and flange on shaft. that locates cv joint assy. then there is a thrust washer between outer housing and end of sun shaft.
  12. adjust linkage. under right side of cab. if been setting for a long time friction adjustment might be hanging up causing the flimsy linkage between bottom of lever and control to flex
  13. hy cap has the best kit for cover that i have used.a&i is the ones that wasnt welded right in my experiance. also check cab mounts if there junk new ones often make them shift a lot better
  14. the case ih one is aftermarket. from reliance
  15. they did just say that about reliance. thats why hy cap went to maxi force and absolute engine kits. between bad parts and reliance shipping from multiple place and charging shipping from all of them is why hy cap dropped reliance
  16. agree with cihtech. number 1 and 5 lines need changed
  17. should add i use 3/4 inch hose. garden hose resticts it and slows down the flow. my wife uses one to pump water out of a 200 gal water trailer to water flowers. with a spray end on the hose it has more pressure than what are hydrants have
  18. i use them to pump hyd. oilout of tractors. take 3 point top link cover off stick hose in till hits bottom turn on. less than 5 min later all but about one 5 gal. bucket is out of 06 thru 86 series. lots better and faster than buckets under tractor. only need 1 bucket to get all the oil out. did pump 80 90 with it a couple times worked for that to. when done i put dish soap and water in a bucket stick hoses in it circulate for a little while then let it suck bucket dry. cleans the pump and hoses good so can pump new oil
  19. depends on how straight u can run the planter
  20. the rubber piece in teacherspet that sticks back is supposed to sit in top of axle gaurd after he installs it correct. he already has the rubber piece in the shaker pan correct
  21. max force engine parts have been good for me
  22. hy capacity has them that look like original sealed beams. sell a lot of them
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