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  1. it comes complete the end that threads onto rod has the ball in it
  2. hippy5488

    2350 loader

    was wondering what everyone is converting the front mounts too. wanting to make the bucket quick tach. does any one make a quicke style bracket for front? or maybe use westondorf style brackets?
  3. if the filters is the only thing that has changed i would make sure they are installed correct and the oring isnt sucking air have seen filters not installed correct on 5x88 before. then i check control pressure . and yes the flow divider can cause these symptons its the mcv valve of these tractors. but i would look to see if filters are installed correct first.
  4. hippy5488

    PTO Choice

    where are these reman dual ptos for 1250 for a 5x88 series located at
  5. bought a new tillall in late 80s landoll said 11hp per foot to pull it recommended
  6. hippy5488

    hitch pump

    does anybody have the part # of the teflon ring and o ring to use on 66-86 series hitch pump between rear housing and pump mounting plate? had it but lost it in my fine fileing system that i have. tia
  7. brian stortenbecker is correct the small whole is for extra oil flow when running 2 cooling jets per cyl. was part of installing m&w turbo kit on NA 361/407
  8. early 1066 was 2600 rpm high idle=1256 pto rpm 2400 rated rpm (full load) 1159 PTO RPM 113.5 HP. late 1066 was 2830 rpm high idle=1247 pto rpm 2600 rated (full load) rpm 1146 pto rpm 125.6 hp
  9. what is the differance between shaft of tractor with diff. lock versus tractor without diff. lock? this is on left hand side
  10. as stated above early power engages mfd later power disengages mfd solonoid is under left side cab behind cab mount run jumper wire from batt + to pos terminal on solonoid it should click see if it is disengaged if it does then check power to rocker switch have seen a few switches go bad over the years
  11. how is everybody welding on new triangle pieces at top of knives ? are you stripping row unit down and cutting old point off then putting new on from underneath? or are you just welding on top of the old worn out ones? thanks for input.
  12. can the sheaves be changed to speed up spreaders? have new rubber bats installed the most aggresive stil wont spread the width of head 22.5 foot would like to get it to
  13. service manual says 8.438-8.442 between pin centerline and rod centerline all 300/400 engines
  14. have a alltwine 430 been in family since new put thousands of bales with it keep it adjusted and serviced are a good baler makes nice tight bales will miss first bale every time then maybe 1 in 1500 most problem is groove wore in breastplate witch ih used to sell wear plates to repair
  15. oil jet might be plugged or bad inj. on no.3 cyl i would check that first before deciding witch rought to go
  16. mine have a gear chatter noise in rear end pretty sure it is pto drive gear all have done it for long time . i dont worry about it
  17. located southwest of new virginia have rebuilt several 400 series wont do a inframe though
  18. my 3200b will do the same thing after setting for a couple weeks. one drive motor leaks some. I think that is the cause of my problem havent looked for seal kit yet
  19. have seen the gauge go bad could swap them between the two tractors see if diff. reading. I didnt know that later ones didnt have egt as part of the digital display. my 54 is a 84, 52 ia a83, 50 is a 82. they all have egt. maybe pull thermostat and put in hot water to see what temp opening at and see if opening all the way. only time mine run past barely being in the green is pulling real hard and then have to keep real close eye on egt temp. 54 set at 260 on dyno, 52 set at 220 on dyno, 50 is 145.
  20. the bottom 1/2 of the radiator does 2/3 of the cooling I have to take front nose cone and fan off plus left side shield and cleanout panel then drop a/c and hyd. cooler and blow out then pull drain plug out on bottom of cooling box then wash rad. out for a long time to get clear water running out of fins. then make sure air /cooling box is sealed up good. if it is the thermostat i would think it would get hot enough to push coolant out of rad. only run caseIH thermostat. what is egt temp?
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